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Nick Kyrgios vs Daniil Medvedev Australian Open live blog, Melbourne Park updates

In what promises to be one of the matches of the tournament, Australian Nick Kyrgios will face men’s world number two, Russian Daniil Medvedev, on Rod Laver Arena in the second round of the Australian Open.

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* Medvedev 7 (7) 6 4 0

Kyrgios 6 (1) 4 6 0

By Michael Doyle

ANALYSIS: Sublime from Kyrgios full of energy

Game on.

Make no mistake, that crowd is right behind Kyrgios, and Medvedev, who has faced crowds before, including at the US Open, knows it.

He’s a different player now and whether they’re under his skin is debatable, but what isn’t is that the third set was Nick Kyrgios’ peak.

I’ve seen a lot of Australians throughout his career and right now he’s as locked down as he’s ever been.

When he broke Medvedev to take the lead after a ridiculously sublime reflex volley and then a laser-winning forehand down the line, he had a victory lap.

And it was deserved.

It was also a stick shift as Kyrgios suddenly seemed to be going downhill.

True to form, the Russian made Kyrgios work to close the set.

Expect more from this shot, make no mistake, Kyrgios if he maintains this level with the crowd behind him is right.

Through Paul Johnson

By Michael Doyle

GAME. TOGETHER. Nick Kyrgios

It was fantastic from the Aussie.

He had a great volley and two great drop shots in the game win.

The last one including the set, which got the crowd up.

By Michael Doyle

Set point for Nick. 40-30

By Michael Doyle

Nick Krygios serves for the third set

By Michael Doyle

By Michael Doyle

Medvedev finds victory on serve

Really good at Russian.

He looked really good then.

Losing the first point never gave the Australian another chance.

By Michael Doyle

Kyrgios holds on to take a 5-3 lead

By Michael Doyle

Tweener, sliding backhand, then a forehand winner for 40-0. Gloss of Kyrgios

By Michael Doyle

An underarm serve followed by an error gives Kyrgios a 30-0 lead in this game

By Michael Doyle

The crowd is really into it now

Kyrgios plays with the crowds and they react in kind.

They erupted when Nick hit his incredible volley and were deafening for his forehand winner.

By Michael Doyle

Kyrgios breaks Medvedev


On Medvedev’s second serve, Nick manages to get a good position.

A few back and forth shots then BANG, forehand winner in the lower right.

By Michael Doyle

Kyrgios struck the blow of the tournament


He’s at the net and Medvedev shoots him one.

Nick kind of gets a volley and it’s in.

By Michael Doyle

OK, let’s go. Nick has a 0-30 lead in Game 7

By Michael Doyle

Couple of big aces highlight Kyrgios’ serve catch

By Michael Doyle

Medvedev hit 24 aces and navigates another service game. Daniil leads the third set 3-2

By Michael Doyle

Kyrgios picks up four straight points to win game two of the third set

Really good from Nick, because when he lost 0-15 it seemed like there were some issues.

By Michael Doyle

Getty Images

By Michael Doyle

Medvedev continues to serve

Really good from Daniil.

He gives Nick very few chances to participate in exchanges on his serve.

By Michael Doyle

ANALYSIS: Relentless pressure reveals

Against most players, Nick Kyrgios would be in the lead right now but not world number two.

There have been just 13 unforced errors combined for this set, with Medvedev making seven, but his relentless pressure and ability to return is what was ultimately said.

At the end of the set you could hear Kyrgios saying “I can’t serve bigger” it didn’t matter because the pressure from Medvedev comes from not missing and he is so relentless once that it is in the point that it is difficult to survive. him in a rally.

Unfortunately for Kyrgios, that was said at the end of the second set despite a Herculean hold when he lost several break points at 3-4.

Through Paul Johnson

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