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NMA – Into The Calderon: Questions and Answers on the Atlético Madrid Blog

Jeremiah of www.intothecalderon.comSB Nation’s Atlético Madrid blog, answers some questions about its fandom, the start of the season, and of course, who you should (and shouldn’t!) choose in your UEFA Champion’s League fantasy team !

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PPQ: First, a quick introduction for the Never manage alone Fans. Where are you based? How did you first become a football/soccer fan? And when precisely a fan (fanatic?) of Atlético Madrid?

Jeremy: Of course! I am based in Phoenix Arizona and have co-managed In the Calderon since 2016 (long on the Internet). I started following football during the 2011-12 NHL lockout, when I needed something new to follow in the absence of hockey, and found Atlético l next year when I started to look to leagues other than the Premier League (which doesn’t mean I don’t like this competition).


PPQ: What do you like most about the club?

Jeremy: It’s hard to put into words. It’s the feeling of being off the beaten track, of loving something bigger than yourself. I love the passion and fire of Diego Simeone, I love the virtues the club say he espouses (although they’ve been known to fail), and the team’s ability to continue to compete in a league dominated by two gambling giants, where the odds are often stacked against them. I love a good underdog story, and that’s what Atlético was when I found them.


PPQ: Who are your all-time and current favorite players?

Jeremy: From the current team — Koke, Reinildo, Ángel Correa. All times should include Gabriel Fernández, Diego Godín and Raúl García.


PPQ: There has been movement this summer inside and out. What did you think of the off-season activity for athlete? Were there any players in particular that made you excited to come in or disappointed to leave?

Jeremy: Atlético’s summer strategy hasn’t shown enough ambition to compete at the highest levels of the game, and I think a lot of fans and observers were disappointed that the club chose to relaunch it with almost the same team that failed to defend the 2020-21 league title (finishing 15 points behind real Madrid). I was happy the club kept Yannick Carrasco, who is an inconsistent but explosive player who can make a difference, and Correa would have looked for an exit but he stayed in the way. New right-back Nahuel Molina hasn’t gotten off to the best start, but he has a lot of potential, and I was hoping to see Molina and Renan Lodi play on the flanks for us this year, but Lodi left at the end of the window. looking for playing time.


PPQ: Atletico Madrid are starting a bit slowly. What did you expect from Atlético to start the season? And what do you think of the way they play?

Jeremy: I expected (and still expect) Atlético to finish 3rd or 4th in La Liga and have to be given the chance to go further in the cup competitions. They are playing a lot like they did last year – The midfield is soft, the defense is injured and there is no number 9 in the squad with a record of 20-30 goalscoring seasons. Simeone has a talented but lopsided squad that he has struggled to get the most out of since winning the title in 2021, and I think that will be the case this year as well.


PPQ: Atletico and Diego Simone are known for their tough tactics and defensive play. He is getting results though, including a La Liga championship in 2020-21. What do you think of their style of play?

I really like counter attacking football, and Simeone’s former teams – like the 2014 league winners and both Champions League finalists – were stressful to watch but so satisfying to follow. And Simeone has tried to change the way his side play many times over the years – we’ve shown a lot of tactical variety, in terms of formations and speed of play – but the people who watch the Rojiblancos play four times a year don’t or won’t realize it, because the strategy of big continental or national big games remains the same.


PPQ: Do you manage fantasy football teams? If so, what are you playing? Otherwise, I understand. Stay away! It’s an addiction.

Jeremy: I’m somewhat notorious for not following fantasy teams on a daily basis, although I have enjoyed playing fantasy football and basketball in the past! This factor usually prevents me from seriously participating in fantasy leagues.


PPQ: As a fantasy football blog, Never manage alone focuses on fantastic tips for our readers. Who athlete is the one player fantasy managers should consider on their teams week after week? Which player to avoid?

Jeremy: Antoine Griezmann is having a fantastic start to the season despite limited playing time (which is expected to increase soon). It would be my bet. Unfortunately, João Félix is ​​probably someone to avoid – Despite his obvious talent, consistent goal contributions haven’t followed as manager and player just don’t seem to agree on how to get the best gone from him. João is yet to score this season and last netted on August 15.


PPQ: What makes a successful season for Atletico in your mind? In La Liga? In the Champions League?

Jeremy: I would be happy if Atleti finished 3rd and within 7-9 points of Real Madrid and Barcelona. I would like to see them win the Copa del Rey for the first time since 2013 and at least qualify for the Champions League quarter-finals.


PPQ: What predictions do you have for their season after watching them start?

Jeremy: I think Atleti finally pretty much scraped third place, like last year. I think they are good enough to win the Copa and predict that they will qualify for the semi-finals there (once they realize that is their best shot at silverware). In the Champions League it will depend on the draws, but I think they will withdraw again in the quarter-finals.


PPQ: Do you have anything else to share?

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Thank you Jeremy and In the Calderon!


Do you currently have Atlético Madrid players in your UCL Fantasy squad? The Champions League will be back after the break with three weeks of matches in October!