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Old school fundamentals are sorely lacking –

Bucks back.

Reading this excerpt, Joe immediately remembered Joe’s favorite joke, John McKay.

The original Bucs coach was as much a comedian as a football coach. The guy always had a one-liner.

Joe’s favorite was, “Well, we didn’t block very well today. But we made up for it by not tackling,” McKay said during a postgame huddle with reporters.

This came to Joe’s mind right away when he read Jeff Kerr’s article on CBS Sports where he noted that the big problem with the Bucs is that they can’t run as a block and they can’t not attack.

Other than that, how was the car ride, Mrs. Kennedy?

Can’t block, can’t tackle: The Buccaneers may have the talented players, but have to watch the movie of the game where the problems lie. Tampa Bay averaged just 2.9 yards per rush and allowed 7.0 yards per rush in Thursday’s loss to the Ravens. The Buccaneers are averaging just 61.9 yards per game and allowing 132.4 (202 over the past two weeks).

It’s just not enough to win games, even with Tom Brady at quarterback. Averaging 3.0 yards per carry and 4.8 yards per carry (6.7 over the past two weeks), is a doomed formula.

The Buccaneers can’t run and can’t stop the run. Simple.

When you give up more than double the number of rushing yards you’re running, it’s often a recipe for disaster.

And if you had told a Bucs fan that the Bucs, with a healthy Tom Brady, would start the season 3-5, yes, that would have been considered a disaster.

If Joe were to type that the Bucs are soft in the trenches, how many would say?