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One Piece Film: Red Panel Live Blog

Anime Expo is moving forward with another massive event! If you didn’t know, One Piece: Red is taking over the massive convention ahead of the release of its new movie. This August, One Piece Film: Red will be making contact with Luffy as he prepares to embark on a crazy new mission on the high seas. And as always, is here on the ground to give fans a live preview of the panel. of the film with special guests like executive producer Shinji Shimizu!

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In One Piece, nakama is a very important word and is true for Shimizu and company behind the scenes. There were a lot of challenges, but there is something to be proud of. When we reached this milestone, we received so much encouragement. On behalf of Oda and the team, Shimizu would like to thank the fans.

Shimizu is asked to describe [series creator Eiichiro Oda]. He says the artist is not sleeping. In a single week, he has sleepless nights 3 to 4 times. At the start of his manga studio, he says he wouldn’t eat because it would make him sleepy and he wanted to work.

As for her favorite memory, Shimizu loves the Alabasta arc. When Vivi is mentioned, the producer says the girl was included in his expanded nakama. Vivi was offered but turned it down, which had never happened before. So at ADR, the Vivi actress, was so invested and knew she would be written.

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When asked about Uta, the film’s female lead, Shimizu says the anime is used to big co-leads. So Oda wanted to do something different. Luffy won’t raise his hand to women, so he can’t say anything else without spoilers. Shimizu then addresses Shanks and says that his entire team will appear in the film. The rest he cannot say.

One Piece has reached 1,000 episodes. Shimizu says the manga is now 25 and the anime is 23 now. If you rewind the clock 25 years, he was young and so was Shimizu. We had an interesting relationship. We can’t always translate things in manga to anime, so we’ve had some heated discussions about that. And since we’ve done ADR with stars, after all this time, we’re all now a family.

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The panel begins with presentations to the team on stage. Shinji Shimizu is on stage as the anime’s producer.

Shimizu says he hasn’t slept much so he is tired but the crowd here woke him up. The producer returns to the highlights of the film. Eiichiro Oda is the supervising producer, so Shimizu is excited to work with him. He’s more involved here than he was in Strong World. Oda not only designed characters, but chose music and soundtrack choices.

Shimizu says Oda told him he had the Babble Babble fruit. He will talk a lot. His co-workers told him to keep spoilers to a minimum but if that happens… well