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PayMaya pays it to frontline mental health workers

Team Out of Town Blog Hub ( – Digital financial services leader PayMaya recently put it on the front lines of the National Center for Mental Health. The company distributed 100 Christmas food baskets to NCMH emergency line responders, emergency room and acute psychiatric unit staff.

PayMaya pays it to the National Center for Mental Health by distributing 100 Christmas food baskets to workers at the NCMH crisis helpline and to staff in the emergency room and the acute psychiatric unit.

“Promoting mental health is important, especially among our youth during this pandemic. We are pouring it forward to our frontline mental health workers who have helped lead this silent battle. We admire them for courageously devoting their time and effort to helping people with mental health issues, ”said Nick Wilwayco, Public Affairs and Communications Manager at PayMaya.

According to the NCMH, the average volume of monthly calls received during the pandemic has almost quadrupled from pre-pandemic figures. PayMaya’s gift to NCMH is part of PayMaya’s initiative as part of MVP Group’s Tuloy Pa Rin Ang Pasko campaign, which aims to keep the Christmas spirit alive amid the pandemic.

Earlier this year, NCMH also benefited from the PayMaya It Forward Flash donation campaign for COVID-19 frontliners.

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