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Play four full quarters –

Play four full quarters

October 9, 2022

Discusses the second half pass out.

So why didn’t the Bucs blast the Dixie Chicks this afternoon? Bucs coach Todd Bowles has ideas.

The Bucs led the Dixie Chicks 13-0 at halftime and 21-0 after three quarters. It looked like this game was about to explode. The opposite happened.

The Bucs opened the door and escorted the Dixie Chicks into the game. And if it hadn’t been for an obnoxious, phantom smuggler called in Atlanta, the Bucs probably would have been hanging on by the skin of their teeth.

Bowles spoke after the game about what happened.

“You have to play four quarterbacks,” Bowles said. “We played a good team game in the first half.

“I think we missed that in the second half. We must do better than that.

Bowles called the game “a story in two halves”. The first half was excellent. The second half, well, ugly.

“The first half we kept their defense on the pitch,” Bowles said. “In the second half, our attack was at three, which allowed our defense to stay on the pitch.”

Bowles added that “fatigue” was starting to wear on the Bucs defense in the second half, in part because Atlanta had so much possession of the ball.

Listen, a win is a win and Joe is thrilled about it. That doesn’t mean the Bucs played flawless football today. Barely.