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Plugin Alliance MEGA Bundles: Huge Value for Artists

Image credit: Plugin Alliance

Plugin Alliance’s MEGA Bundles are available in three sizes, starting at $9.99, and give artists access to over 180 plugins.

Imagine having the chance to access the Plugin Alliance catalog’s arsenal of audio software! Well, that’s exactly what Plugin Alliance’s MEGA Bundles are for.

The MEGA Bundles offer a range of plugins for creators – all plugins on the PA site, in fact. Additionally, all three packages include a high-quality sample library and the dedicated MEGA sample player.

You’ll get access to 180 mixing and mastering plug-ins, virtual instruments, guitar and bass amps, and effects plug-ins from over 40 world-class brands, including Unfiltered Audio, Brainworx, and Shadow Hills.

Image credit: Plugin Alliance

After one year of subscription, you can also keep up to 10 of your favorite plugins for each year of subscription to the MEGA Bundle of your choice. However, it depends on the subscription package you offer.

For example, MEGA L offers 3 annual plugins, MEGA XL offers 6 and MEGA XXL offers 10.

Plus, you can master your own music with the award-winning M/S Mastering plugins on offer. Or, you can use the Brainworx automatic mastering app!

Plugin Alliance’s MEGA Bundles are available in three different sizes, and you can try all products FREE for 14 days

First, MEGA L is only $9.99 per month right now, while its list price is $14.99

Second, MEGA XL currently costs $19.99 while its list price is $24.99.

Finally, MEGA XXL currently costs $24.99 while its list price is $29.99.

Using the PA MEGA Installation Manager, you can select, download and install all Plugin Alliance products. The manager also gives you full control over plug-in formats, so you can make sure any plug-in is compatible with your Mac or Windows system.

Available plug-in formats include VST2, VST3 for Windows, AU for Mac, AAX DSP, AAX Native, and AAX AudioSuite for Pro Tools DAW.

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