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Premiere Blind Auditions Live Blog (Videos)

The voice Season 22 Blind Auditions Begin With Returning Coaches Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani and john legend. Pop star Camila Cabello join the panel. Carson Daly returns as a host. We’ll be live blogging all Blind Audition performances here.

The voice airing on Mondays and Tuesdays this season. During the broadcast, Gwen CONFIRMS that the teams are SUPERSIZED at 14 artists each. During the broadcast A top 56 will emerge by the end of the round.

The winner receives a cash prize and a recording contract with Republic Records, among other announced prizes.

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The show opens by introducing Camila, of course. She started as John Legend’s combat advisor last year! Camila mentions that she got her start on a singing show. She never names this show that aired on FOX between 2011 and 2013, but it’s The X Factor United States where Camila participated in season 2 as part of the fabricated girl group, Fifth Harmony. They came in at #3 and released a bunch of hit records before Camila left for a solo career.

Morgan Myles – 35 – Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen

NBC screened Morgan’s blind audition a few days ago. She’s been hanging out in Nashville for 15 years and spends most of her time touring the country. She also records demos for other artists. She sings the shop-worn “Hallelujah,” nonetheless, she infuses her with emotion and the song gives her a chance to show off her awesome blowjobs. She’s a professional.

All four coaches pressed their buttons. But alas, Camila blocks Gwen. I’m a little surprised she didn’t use her block on Blake. But it’s neither here nor there. Morgan, who started out singing country but also wants to explore pop music, chooses Team Camila. She is VERY surprised. She gives her team members mustard yellow fanny packs with cameras inside as welcome gifts. 4 chair tower, Camila blocks Gwen Morgan chooses Team Camila

Oddly, during the credits, a card explains that Morgan “is a paid spokesperson for Takamine”. Uh okay?

Omar Jose Cardona – 33 – Separate lanes per trip

He has performed on huge stages around the world, including the Kentucky Derby and Radio City Music Hall. He recorded sessions at Capitol Records. Yet he calls The voice the “biggest stage”. He sings a rock n’ roll classic in a long, clear voice. He takes the microphone stand and works the scene. This performance and song choice is very retro. Blake presses his button, followed by Gwen. When he hits one last earth-shattering note, Camila finally presses her button. Damn, he looks way younger than 33! He describes his sound as a cross between pop and old school rock.

Camila calls her range “sick” and says she could feel her energy, even with her back turned. “I haven’t heard such a voice since the 80s,” Gwen raves. John notes that the “little turns” in his voice were interesting and “very moving”, adding “it sounded like a church singer singing rock music”. He also states that Omar could win the show. “In the country lane, I rock pretty hard,” boasts Blake. Omar liked John’s speech, revealing that he actually grew up singing in church. John distributes red jackets to members of his team. 4 round of chair, Omar chooses Team Legend.

Ian Harrison – 20 – The Night We Met by Lord Huron

He’s a college student who works part-time at a bar on the weekends. He describes his genre as “alternative indie”. The song he chose is important to him – it’s a loss. He says that his father, to whom he was close, committed suicide when he was only 9 years old. Now he has a very loving stepfather. Oh, his voice is very cool. What a beautiful tone. Camila almost presses her button. The coaches expect something big. That’s the problem with independent performance. No big notes. Blake finally presses his button, followed by John and Gwen.

John liked the “character” of her voice, calling it “enchanting”. Blake was waiting for a bigger moment. Then he realized he didn’t need this. EXACTLY. The character of his voice was enough. YES. Gwen calls him a “super interesting artist…you showed me your heart”. Gwen notes that, like Ian, she is also more of a character voice than a powerhouse. He admits he hasn’t played much live. Unsurprisingly, Ian chooses Gwen. She has flashy hoodies for her team members. John, Gwen, Blake are spinning. Ian chooses Gwen.

Tiana Goss – 28 – Say It Right by Nelly Furtado

She is a teacher in a preschool in Los Angeles. Otherwise, she spends time in the studio writing songs. It is generically moving. And a little chirp here and there. This one had “no trick” written all over it. I had a feeling.

Gwen was “ripped” and had trouble with the main chorus. Yeah…she was sometimes off the field. But also, she had nothing distinct or special about her. Camila says she wouldn’t have looked back when she presumably auditioned for The X Factor. “I had so many things to do.” Yes, Camilla. You were only 15 at the time. This girl is in her late twenties. John felt that there was a stylistic mismatch between what she sang and how she sang it. He offers her to come back. Blake did not know the song. – No bend

Emma Brooke – 19 – California Dreaming by Mamas and Papas

She was introduced to classical singing at age 6 and learned the technique. Although she sang great classic songs in church growing up, she performed a 60s pop classic for her audition. From the start, she has a very pretty tone. John immediately presses his button. She delivers the belts, much more than the original version. She is long. Still, she could have chosen a better song. Gwen turns around a little later.

Camila loved the song choice, but warned her not to go “yelly”. Gwen would like to help him achieve his dreams. Emma admits her favorite artist right now is Lauren Daigle. John likes his powerful tone. He wants her to loosen up even more, outside the classic structure. Blake tries to convince Emma to choose Gwen, claiming that Lauren told him that Gwen was his favorite artist (liar!). John and Gwen spin, Emma chooses Team Legend