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Preston Labor manifesto for the 2022 local elections

2019 Labor Winning Garrison

Preston Labor has released its ‘Preston for the Many’ manifesto for the upcoming local elections on Thursday (5 May).


The Labor Council said it would build on the work done ‘to respond to Tory austerity and recover Preston after the pandemic’.

Commitments include over £60m of public regeneration of the town centre, including a new youth area, cinema and leisure development and upgrading of the Harris Museum, new social housing, broadband service band provided by the municipality, an expanded community food supply, improved parks and the fight against the climate emergency.

Labor says it will also deepen the Preston model by spending more on local businesses, developing the co-operative economy and those on the real living wage.

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Preston City Council Labor leader Matthew Brown said: “We are delighted to unequivocally unveil a political program on the Labor side aimed specifically at tackling the cost of living crisis.

“In this election, we are presenting seventeen excellent candidates who will work tirelessly in our communities with the vision of making Preston a fairer and more equal place to live.”

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Labour’s six key commitments for Preston

  • Over £60m of public investment to regenerate the town centre, including a new cinema, bowling alley, restaurants and a youth zone creating hundreds of local jobs
  • An economy that works for all with public contracts supporting local businesses and unionized jobs, a growing co-op sector and Preston becoming a real living wage city
  • A resurgence of cultural activity to support performance, art and creativity, including the modernization and restoration of the splendor of the Harris Museum and Art Gallery
  • More affordable housing by forcing developers to provide it, freeing up land from the public sector and providing new models of council-owned and co-operative housing
  • Action to fight climate change through the strategic planting of thousands of new trees with partners, greater production of renewable energy and new investments in parks and open spaces encouraging biodiversity
  • Affordable food in every community by supporting holiday markets, food pantries and hot meal providers and exploring a new school breakfast initiative with free fruit

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