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PROcru publishes blog post discussing the benefits of building automation from contractor proposals

CRM software solutions provider PROcru published a blog post that discusses the need for contractors in the asphalt and waterproofing coatings industry to focus on automating the proposal development process to increase their profits.

A business must always keep an eye on growth if it is to survive and thrive despite the ebb and flow of market forces. Finding new customers is the only way for a customer-focused, service-based business to weather the storm when times get tough. Securing new business relationships also gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to charge better rates as they leverage the experience of their previous jobs to iteratively improve their core services, thereby demanding a higher price for their time and resources. efforts. However, refining and customizing each pitch to appeal to each potential customer is an uphill battle that can waste time and energy that could have been better used to create strong business processes and improve the entrepreneur’s existing services.

PROcru offers the use of its CRM software, considered by many to be the best CRM for entrepreneurs, to bring greater efficiency to the proposal building process through the magic of automation. For an outsourcing company, this can increase overall staff productivity as it reduces the time it takes to gather and present key information metrics to potential customers. As a business grows and develops, more complex propositions can be created with the click of a button once the basics of automation are laid. As one is able to cover more ground due to the increase in the number of proposals sent to potential clients, profits are bound to increase because presenting to clients is, after all, a numbers game.

PROcru also specifies that companies that do not use CRM software must build proposals manually by devoting valuable resources to the problem. This puts them at a distinct disadvantage because it places a strict limit on the number of proposals that can be sent. An entrepreneur will have no choice but to increase the company’s expenses to pay larger staff in order to continue to send a constant stream of potentially profitable proposals. PROcru is confident that entrepreneurs who use its CRM software will be able to find more time to identify new clients, complete estimates on new projects and submit many more proposals than they would have if they had tried to solve the problem. problem in the traditional way. . According to an example highlighted in the blog post, PROcru estimates that once the proposal process is automated, an entrepreneur will be able to submit at least 33% or more of proposals per week.

Proposal automation also gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to benefit from reports that paint a clear picture of the factors that work in the company’s favor when it comes to introducing new clients. Customer feedback can be directly associated with the success or failure of a proposal, giving entrepreneurs the flexibility to constantly change proposals until they find a winning combination with a high success rate.

Automated proposals are accurate because they eliminate human guesswork and errors, ensuring that proposed goals can be achieved with the contractor’s current capabilities. This eliminates the problem of over-promises and under-deliveries that plague many start-up businesses. The deliverables of the automated proposals are clearly spelled out with a detailed breakdown of each of their associated costs, giving clients confidence in a contractor’s ability to complete the job on time and on budget. The right CRM software solution will also offer the right automation tools to make it easy for entrepreneurs to manage time tracking and planning. Contractors will be able to plan ahead to provide the right team and the right equipment at the right cost for the right time frame as needed.

PROcru’s CRM software solution for contractors offers many other advantages in addition to automated proposals such as personalized automatic reminders, personalized information on all projects, time tracking and planning, costing of work in real time, detailed management reports and much more. They actively develop their business and accept new customers.


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