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Psychological horrors pile up in evil deck builder Inscryption

Hello, I’m Daniel, creator of Inscryption and I’m thrilled to finally bring the game to PlayStation players! To celebrate the announcement, I’d like to highlight some of the cool stuff waiting for you in Inscryption, and the new PlayStation-exclusive features I’ve added just for you.

For those of you who may not be familiar, Inscryption is an inky, card-based odyssey that’s part deck-building roguelike, part escape puzzle, and part arcade game. psychological horror. As far as video game genres go, it’s a pretty potent concoction. What started as an evil deck builder soon turns into something completely different, but I’ll let you discover its darker secrets for yourself.

The game initially finds you trapped at the mercy of a sadistic stranger known only as Leshy, who appears as nothing more than a pair of glowing eyes watching you from the darkest corner of his cabin. With no memory of how you ended up there, Leshy offers you the chance to break out of its clutches with a unique deck of cards.

As you learn and adapt to Leshy’s ever-changing rulebook, you’ll expand your woodland creature card deck through drafting, surgery, and self-harm. Sacrifice creatures like squirrels and rabbits to play larger, more menacing creatures like the mighty Grizzly or rare mythological cards like the god Mantis. Between games, you can move around the cabin, gradually solving a series of puzzles that grant you powers at the card table and can unlock deeper secrets.

But what about the exclusive features I mentioned earlier? Well, for starters, your trusty companion, a talking Stoat card, will play its audio from your controller as if it were really in your hands! Second, the game’s atmospheric lighting will spill out from your controller, so if you’re playing in the dark, you’ll be a little closer to feeling like you’re inside Leshy’s cabin. If we add sound and lighting to the PlayStation experience, it only makes sense to ensure haptic feedback enhances every macabre action…why not use the clamp and find out?

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about Inscryption! I can’t wait for you to finally play the game on PlayStation and hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed creating it! That said, Devolver Digital takes no responsibility for curses invoked.