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Quebec extends eligibility for the 3rd dose of the COVID-19 vaccine

The majority of eligible Quebecers have already received two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine this year. Now Health Minister Christian Dubé announced during a press conference that eligibility for the third dose is extended to a larger percentage of the population.

Following the new recommendations of the Committee on Immunization of Quebec (CIQ), as stated on the government site, third doses of COVID-19 vaccines in Quebec are now available to:

  • “Workers of the health and social services network in contact with users”
  • People in isolated and remote communities
  • Adults living with a chronic illness or medical condition that increases their risk of complications from COVID-19
  • Pregnant women

Dubé said that these additional groups correspond to “one million” people.

The government will also soon make people aged 60 and over eligible for a booster dose, but for now they will have to wait until 2022.

“If we can speed up the vaccination for 60 to 69 year olds before January, we will,” Dubé said.

The government recommends a third dose six months after the last dose, but the Minister of Health reassured Quebecers about the immunity provided by the vaccine.

“We do not turn into a pumpkin after the 181st day, the protection is still very good,” said the Minister of Health in French.

During the press conference, the government also announced that in terms of holiday gatherings in Quebec this year, up to 20 vaccinated people will be allowed to attend as of December 23.

Health Canada has a strong website with all the latest COVID-19 vaccine information and can answer all your questions.