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Red pen party for Tom Brady? –

Red pen party for Tom Brady?

October 27, 2022

It’s obvious the Bucs didn’t realize that losing to the miserable Steelers and their rookie quarterback was the lowest for a team with Super Bowl aspirations. So Tampa Bay came out on Sunday and was beaten by a team trying to lose.

This reality is at the heart of Joe’s disbelief.

Lose a shock to Pittsburgh, then flip for a miserable division opponent who’s already boxed their head coach, traded their best player, and started their fourth-string quarterback?

It’s a new and special background level, and it should have triggered an earthquake on Sunday night at One Buc Palace.

This has Joe wondering if losing Carolina was enough for Tom Brady to wake up and start throwing his weight around when it comes to the Bucs’ calls.

Whatever you think of offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich, he’s undoubtedly lost his sense of attack – as in what works and what doesn’t. Or do you think Leftwich is beyond repair, a second-rate playcaller struggling without the guiding presence that was Bucco Bruce Arians.

Either way, Joe is confident that Brady has some good ideas on how to fix the Bucs offense and they will be on full display tonight against the Baltimore Ravens.

Why wouldn’t Brady be assertive this week? Who at One Buc Palace would have the nerve to stand in Brady’s way? Who would be stupid enough to stand in his way?

Joe doesn’t believe for a second that Brady is looking to Leftwich for many answers in the build-up to this game.

Hardcore Bucs fans know the history/myth/folktale of red pen of the arians. Joe thinks Brady brought a 3-pack of red Sharpies to One Buc Palace on Monday morning.

Tonight, fans will be watching Brady’s vision of what will get the most out of offense, Joe thinks, and Joe is damn excited to see it.

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