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Ribbleton Pharmacy blames rising costs and Brexit for drug shortages

Photo of Imaan Healthcare’s Miller Road Pharmacy: Google

A pharmacy in Ribbleton explained how the national drug shortage is affecting patients and staff.


Pharmacists at Imaan Healthcare in Miller Road are struggling to get stock of medicines in various health areas including HRT, epilepsy, acne and contraception.

Popular brands such as Beechams, Calpol and Gaviscon, as well as more generic offerings such as paracetamol, have been hit by supply issues.

The shortages are nationwide and affect all UK pharmacies.

Imaan says the shortage means pharmacists have to spend time trying to source drugs from wholesalers or other pharmacies.

Despite the extra effort, Imaan says they remain thwarted by staffing issues at wholesaler warehouses and a lack of drivers.

A spokesperson for Imaan Healthcare said: ‘We usually place an order in the hope of receiving medicine in the next run, but recently we have encountered missing and incorrect tote boxes, incorrect supply of medicine and the provision of too little and too much medicine. .

“It creates extra work and stress for the pharmacy team, who have to spend more time creating credit notes, but it’s ultimately the patient who suffers. Unable to receive the medications they need, many patients become angry and directly attack pharmacy staff.

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One Preston resident affected by the shortage is Lauren Melling, who suffers from ME and asthma. Recently, she couldn’t get an asthma inhaler.

Lauren said: ‘My GP gave me a prescription for Intal over eight weeks ago. Boots in Fishergate couldn’t get it, so the GP made another prescription for Symbicort, and Boots can’t supply it.

“Four more weeks went by as the asthma attacks increased I called for emergency rescue Ventolin hoping they could find this but an asthma attack can still lead to death .

“What I need to prevent attacks and prevent death or a visit to the hospital is the preventer, mainly Intal. At home, two of us have asthma and now no medicine for it. »

Lauren says people are suffering as many drugs become unavailable.

She added: “Without the functioning of the medical supply chain, people like us deteriorate and become more vulnerable, which adds to the pressure on NHS services.”

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Imaan Healthcare says supply chain issues have been made worse by rising costs and Brexit.

The spokesperson said: “The supply of most products across all industries has been affected by rising costs for raw materials, human resources, fuel and energy. The pharmaceutical sector is just one of the many sectors affected by these problems.

“In addition, we have to take into account the impact of Brexit, which contributes to this increase in costs.

“With workers returning to their home countries, there are no longer enough people available to take on difficult jobs in wholesalers’ depots and distribution centers.”

Boots was approached for comment but did not respond.

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