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RSA Conference 2022 Live Blog: MSSP, MDR, and XDR Security News

To RSA Conference 2022, the race is on to deliver end-to-end security solutions that span on-premises, hybrid, and public cloud services. The big question: Which cybersecurity solutions are multi-tenant for MSSP, MSP and MDR service providers? We’ll be looking for answers amid the show’s news.

Follow this blog live – follow the latest security news from the RSA Conference 2022 as it emerges.

9. SMB OT Security: Draco unveiled free OT security services for small and medium businesses, SC Media reported.

8. Counter cyberattacks: Fortinet unveiled FortiRecona Digital Risk Protection Service (DRPS) to thwart attacks during the reconnaissance phase and “significantly reduce the risk, time and cost of threat mitigation at a later stage”.

7. Cisco Security Policy: Cisco Systems announced a unified cybersecurity platform strategy that spans multiple cloud and hybrid cloud services. The move is aimed at reviving Cisco’s security business, which has weakened in recent quarters. Details on Cisco’s new security policy are here.

6. DNS Security: DNS filter introduced alternatives to help MSPs who may be impacted by Cisco OpenDNS license changes.

5. Automated Response Playbooks: Cynetwhich is developing an XDR platform, launched ed Cynet Automated Response Playbooks. These playbooks “automatically investigate and remediate security alerts as part of Cynet’s 360 AutoXDR platform at no additional cost,” the company claimed.

4. Ongoing trade-off assessments: Lumu launched Incident View, giving cybersecurity operators a “single view of their enterprise’s cybersecurity stack for threat investigations,” the company claims.

3. Recovery Services: Optiv launched Cyber ​​Recovery Solution (CRS) to help organizations get back to business faster by “providing strategic and tactical advice and technology solutions for cyber preparedness while enabling rapid recovery to a secure state”, says the company.

2. Threat Mitigation: Beggar launched a “digital risk protection solution” that enables security managers to proactively mitigate threats before they disrupt business operations. As part of today’s launch, Mandiant also announced the general availability of Mandiant Advantage Digital Threat Monitoring.

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