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Russian forces strike the Lviv airport area in western Ukraine

Despite mounting casualties, punitive international sanctions and surprisingly strong Ukrainian resistance, the United States sees no sign that Russia “is ready to stop” its offensive – now in its 23rd day.

Russia has established a no-fly zone over Ukraine’s Donbass region. (Reuters)

Friday, March 18, 2022

Russian forces strike the Lviv airport area in western Ukraine

Russian forces hit an area around Lviv airport in western Ukraine, Mayor Andriy Sadovyi said.

Writing on messaging app Telegram, Sadovyi said he couldn’t give a specific address of the targeted area “but it’s definitely not an airport”.

Lviv is the largest city in western Ukraine and a popular tourist destination known for its picturesque views.

One dead, 4 injured after parts of missile fell in northern kyiv

One person was killed and 4 injured after parts of a Russian missile fell on a residential building in the northern part of the Ukrainian capital kyiv, emergency services said.

The services said in a statement that 12 people were rescued and 98 were evacuated from the 5-storey building.

Russia fights to keep internet free

Limited Internet access proves highly controversial after Western sanctions against Russia.

Ukraine has loudly called for a widespread boycott and kyiv has even lobbied for Russia to be cut off from the World Wide Web.

International sanctions have seen companies, including big tech firms, suspend operations in Russia.

Critics say it could well marginalize opponents of the Kremlin, reinforce the dominance of state media and even lead Russia to try to develop a local, hermetic version of the internet.

Russia sets up a no-fly zone over Ukraine’s Donbass

Russia has established a no-fly zone over Ukraine’s Donbass region, according to a separatist official from the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic, Interfax news agency reported.

Oil prices rise as Ukraine-Russia peace talks yield no results

Oil prices surged as ongoing talks between Ukraine and Russia failed to bring the parties closer to a resolution to end the conflict.

International benchmark Brent was trading at $108.53 a barrel as of 0605 GMT for a gain of 1.77% after closing the previous session at $106.64 a barrel.

The US benchmark West Texas Intermediate (WTI) traded at $105.33 a barrel at the same time for an increase of 2.28% after settling at $102.98 a barrel in the previous session.

Search continues for survivors of Ukrainian theater bombing

Rescuers continue to search desperately for survivors buried under the rubble of the bombed-out Mariupol theater as Russian forces shell residential areas across Ukraine, fueling war crimes allegations.

Twenty-four hours after the once gleaming whitewashed theater of Mariupol was hollowed out by a Russian strike, the number of dead, injured or trapped remains unclear.

Ukrainian ombudsman Lyudmyla Denisova said a bomb shelter in the building survived the impact and “adults and children” came out alive.

Italian Culture Minister Dario Franceschini said his country was ready to rebuild the theater “as soon as possible”.

Ukraine: Russia has recruited nearly 1,000 “mercenaries” from the Middle East

The Russian army has recruited nearly a thousand “mercenaries” from Syria and Lebanon, Ukraine said.

“The Russian occupiers, who suffered huge losses during the war, have already recruited mercenaries among the troops under the command of the (Syrian) regime of Bashar al-Assad and the so-called army (of the Lebanese group) of Hezbollah “, said the general staff of the army. Ukrainian forces said in a statement.

Foreigners – some of whom have never handled a gun before but are ready to die – have also arrived in Ukraine from other European countries, the United States and elsewhere. Russia says it killed 180 pro-kyiv “mercenaries” in an attack on a training base on Sunday and warned its forces would show “no mercy for mercenaries anywhere in Ukrainian territory”.

Explosions heard in Lviv, Ukraine

At least three explosions were heard in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv on Friday morning, Ukraine 24 TV channel reported via Telegram messenger.

He posted a short video in which a mushroom-shaped plume of smoke could be seen rising on the horizon.

Australia and Japan impose new sanctions on Russia

Australia has imposed sanctions on Russia’s finance ministry and 11 other banks and government organisations, covering the majority of the country’s banking assets as well as all entities that handle Russia’s sovereign debt.

“With our recent inclusion of the Central Bank of Russia, Australia has now targeted all Russian government entities responsible for issuing and managing Russia’s sovereign debt,” Foreign Minister Marise Payne said. in a press release.

Japan also imposed new sanctions against 15 Russian individuals and nine Russian groups, he added, adding that the targets of the new asset freeze sanctions also include a Russian defense official and two lawmakers.

Hundreds of bullet-proof vests bound for Ukraine stolen in New York

A New York NGO has had hundreds of body armor stolen after it was donated by officers and destined for Ukraine as it fought off a Russian offensive, police and the organization said.

The robbery took place at the headquarters of the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America (UCCA), where police arrived on Wednesday and learned that “about 400 bulletproof vests had been removed from the place”, the door said. -New York Police Department spokesperson, Lt. Jessica McRorie.

“There have been no arrests and the investigation is ongoing,” she added. A UCCA spokesperson said a smaller number of vests, about 300, were missing from the group’s Manhattan location.

Canada offers three years of temporary residency to Ukrainians

Ottawa has announced the establishment of a new immigration program that will offer Ukrainians fleeing the Russian offensive a temporary Canadian residence permit for up to three years.

Canada, which has a large Ukrainian diaspora, particularly in the central and western parts of the country, said in a statement that “Ukrainians and their immediate family members of any nationality may remain in Canada as temporary residents. up to three years”.

Applicants must apply online and provide their biometrics in the form of fingerprints and a photo. Ukrainian refugees can simultaneously apply for a work permit and a study permit.

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