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San Francisco 49ers @ Atlanta Falcons Week 6 Live Blog

ATLANTA – This is the live blog for the San Francisco 49ers vs. Atlanta Falcons Week 6 game. I will update it frequently with information and analysis from the Mercedes Benz Stadium press box.

7:31 Nick Bosa wouldn’t be playing today, which isn’t a surprise. George Kittle missed two games with a groin injury. Why wouldn’t Bosa miss any?

7:35 The 49ers have expressed interest in negotiating for Christian McCaffrey, reports say. I understand if the 49ers called the Panthers just to see what it would cost to trade for McCaffrey, but I can’t imagine the 49ers would trade for him because he’s injury prone and on the negative side of his career . The 49ers already have plenty of players like that. They don’t need another. Technically, McCaffrey is cheap this year and his contract is not guaranteed next year, so the Panthers would most likely ask for a Day 2 pick in exchange for him. If that’s the case, the 49ers absolutely shouldn’t trade a second- or third-round pick for McCaffrey. It would be a huge mistake. It looks like something the Rams will do in desperation in a week or two because they love adding aging stars. Still, I can see Kyle Shanahan lusting after McCaffrey and trading for him if the 49ers unexpectedly lose before the trade deadline. Shanahan likes to make big investments in running backs and probably regrets giving up on McCaffrey in 2017. Hopefully for the 49ers sake I’m wrong.

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