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San Francisco 49ers @ Cincinnati Bengals Week 14 Live Blog

CINCINNATI – This is the live blog from the San Francisco 49ers vs. Cincinnati Bengals Week 14 Road Game. I will update this frequently with news and analysis from the press box.

11:45 The 49ers have called Samuel dubious due to his groin injury, but he will play in this game, according to reports. I ran into Samuel at the team hotel on the way to the game. I entered an elevator to leave my floor, and there was Samuel with Assistant General Manager Adam Peters. Samuel wore a lovely Levi’s sweater and a platinum chain. I asked him if the 49ers were getting Levi’s for free given that the brand is sponsoring their stadium. They said no. I said they should. Peters said he put this in the suggestion box. Then the doors opened and he and Samuel walked out. I forgot to ask Samuel if his groin is healthy. It seemed like a personal question at the time.

11:47 Washington loses 24-0 to Dallas, which is good news for the 49ers. Because if they win and Washington loses, the 49ers will be the sixth seed at the end of the day.

11:51 AM Baltimore loses 24-6 to Cleveland, which is good news for the Bengals. Because if they win and Baltimore loses, the Bengals will be in first place in the AFC North by the end of the day. It’s a big game for Cincinnati and San Francisco. Let’s see if the 49ers show up unlike last week.

12:01 Here are the inactive 49ers:

Dona johnson

Elie Mitchell

Maurice hurst

Colton McKivitz

Tyrell adams

Dr Greenlaw

12:54 pm Cornerback Ambry Thomas will make his first career start. He has allowed a passer rating of 118 this season.

1:09 The Ravens lose. The Bengals therefore have something important to play: first place in their division.

1:22 The Bengals win the toss and choose to postpone. The 49ers will receive the opening kickoff.


1h28 3rd and 11th of the 49ers 24, Jimmy Garoppolo was fired by Trey Hendrickson, who made a loop inside and was totally released. The 49ers’ punt and the Bengals take over from the 44 of the 49ers after the return.

1h30 3rd and 12th of the 49ers 46, Ja’Marr Chase drops a pass that would have picked up the first down. Lucky for the 49ers, who get the ball at 20 after the punt.

1h37 3rd and 6th of the 49ers 37, Jimmy Garoppolo was almost eliminated. Next game, the 49ers kick, the Bengals grope and the 49ers recover. Huge swing.

1:43 3rd and 14th Bengals 27, Garoppolo completes a 12-yard pass to Jauan Jennings, who gropes but recovers the ball. Then Robbie Gould hits a 33 yard field goal.

49ers 3, Bengals 0.

1:55 3rd and 12th of the 49ers 30, Joe Burrow checks running back Samaje Perine, who is gaining 11 yards. Then they hit a 37-yard field goal and tie the game at 3.

1:56 Ambry Thomas gave up a 20-yard strike to Tee Higgins during that stretch.

49ers 3, Bengals 3.

2:00 First play of the drive, on the first and 10th of the 49ers 25, Garoppolo throws at Brandon Aiyuk, who runs an oblique course and gains 21 yards at the end of the first quarter.

2:06 In 2nd and 8th of Bengals 27, Deebo Samuel sweeps around the right end for a touchdown. It makes it seem like it’s so easy.

49ers 10, Bengals 3.

2:13 3rd and 4th on Bengals 49, Joe Burrow went out of bounds for a two-yard loss. Weird game. The 49ers get the ball back at their 21st after the punt.

2:18 On the 3rd and 3rd of the 49ers 28, Garoppolo throws a formidable through pass to George Kittle, but the ball bounces off his chest and the 49ers roll out three and come out. Kittle has to catch this. The Bengals got the ball back at 37 after the punt.

2:35 3rd and 13th of the 21 49ers, Burrow controls Perine, who wins 11. The Bengals hit a pitch and cut their deficit to four points. The 49ers are lucky they didn’t give up a touchdown on this record. Ambry Thomas gave up a long touchdown to Ja’Marr Chase, but the ball hit the ground. Thomas also committed an illegal hand-to-face penalty that negated an interception by Jimmie Ward.

49ers 10, Bengals 6.

2:42 The 3rd and 15th of the 49ers 21, throws a pop fly at Travis Benjamin, who was open deep, but the ball was knocked over and the Bengals pushed him back. Bad throw. The 49ers take three out and get out.

2:45 The Bengals escaped the punt again and the 49ers recovered again. this time at Cincinnati 31.

2:50 The Bengals force a three and an out, but commit a taunt penalty on the third down that extends the drive. Then Garoppolo throws a touchdown pass to Kittle. The Bengals are playing just like the 49ers played last week.

49ers 17, Bengals 6.


3:10 The Bengals run three times and punt. What the hell are they doing? The 49ers get the ball back at their 25th after the punt. Bengals top passer Trey Hendrickson has a back injury.

3:23 At 2nd base from the 6-yard line, Garoppolo throws a nice pass to Aiyuk, but he only gets one foot in the end zone and the pass is incomplete. On the next play, Garoppolo rushes to his right and throws an incomplete pass intended for Kyle Juszczyk. Then Robbie Gould made a 32-yard field goal. A touchdown would have frozen the game.

49ers 20, Bengals 6.

3:35 In the 3rd and 5th, Samson Ebukam sacked Burrow, who fumbled and picked up the ball himself. Then the Bengals miss the field goal. The Bengals are unprepared and the 49ers are locked up.

3:41 Azeez Al-Shaair left the game with an elbow injury and is questionable to return.