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Saturday blog: possible records for Christmas! -Doug

Saturday blog: possible records for Christmas! -Doug

Hope you enjoyed your work week and are ready for the weekend. If you haven’t finished shopping yet, don’t hesitate. A week and that counts. Cold and a lot of clouds for the weekend. Highs only around 41 or so on Saturday.

A super cold Saturday night with lows close to 20. Sunday still cool but sunny until the mid 40s.


Let’s go on the road. We are slowly starting to warm up next week. We have a system on Thursday. This is the system several weeks ago, I said it would arrive just before Christmas and maybe we could have rain or snow if it is cold enough. It’s a very weak system but I had to hope, lol. At the moment it doesn’t appear to have a lot of humidity, but we could have a few showers. That seems to be pretty much it.


Right behind this system, we are warming up greatly for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We could set records at Christmas, it’s crazy. From now on, we’re going to push 70 degrees.


I highlighted a big storm system at the end of the month around Thanksgiving. He’s always on his way, you just have to be patient. The Heady Pattern is set and this system will roll around 29-30. So why was it so hot? The biggest problem is the Arctic Oscillation or AO. If the AO is positive, it keeps all arctic air locked to the north. This is what happened last winter but turned negative in February and you remember what happened. If the AO turns negative, a larger system will pull this arctic air south. The AO is about to go negative! However, this coming week we don’t have a big system to pull that cold air south. If it can stay negative after Christmas, we have a chance to have a bigger system with possible snow IF WE HAVE THAT COLD AIR. Long range models still don’t understand this very well, so I did a highlighter look.

December 29

Right before New Years, if we can get that cold air, we should have a good band of rain and snow in the highlighted area. If we can’t, expect rain again. Let’s take a look at this over the next week.


From Thursday 23 to Saturday 25: Sweet until Christmas Eve. Refreshment for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Chance of rain Thursday and Friday (it doesn’t look like snow, but we’ll be watching it).

26 December-Jan. 1st: Moderate start with rain settling on Tuesday. Becoming much colder for the rest of the week. Chance of snow Wednesday and Thursday.

January 2-8: Mainly a cold week again with chances of snow on Wednesday.