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Scottish police caught playing strip poker

Monday, December 20, 2021 | Written by Renée

Three Scottish police officers who were filmed naked while playing a game of strip poker have been reported for indecent assault. A viral video of the police showed them naked and drinking beer in a private apartment. Investigations on the subject are currently underway, according to a spokesperson for the police force.

The cops could be fired

Currently, the Campbeltown cops are threatened with losing their jobs if found guilty in a possible criminal trial. According to a Scottish Police spokesperson, the officers – two men and a woman, will be reported to the tax prosecutor on public indecency. This decision was met with dissent by police and legal sources.

Deeming the action to be utterly ridiculous, a senior police officer condemned the police force’s decision to report the officers as “stupid” and went on to predict that the prosecutor would dismiss the case. The officer added that the cops were targeted because of their profession and that they were victims of a criminal invasion of privacy.

A forensic source said that while the officers were stupid enough not to draw the curtains before engaging in the act, they did not consent to be filmed during it. What used to be a private activity between consenting adults has now become a public spectacle.

Further, the source added that if the officers were prosecuted, it would be an unnecessary decision as their reputation was already slandered, and they could be reprimanded by the police department. Additionally, the source suspected that the person who filmed the video was likely on the same floor and had access to the window view to film the police.

The risky game of Strip Poker

According to the investigation, the reported officers said they were playing a game of strip poker after a night out. Strip poker is a more daring variation of poker, where people play with clothes instead of cash or poker chips. Consenting partners, close friends, or anyone who is comfortable undressing can play strip poker.

The game works on mutual trust and understanding. Strip poker players generally do not hire non-consenting people, as exposure or nudity can be a sensitive issue for them.

Each element of dress has a specific strip poker value, often decided by the players themselves. The rules are more or less similar to regular poker, however, the loser removes an item they are wearing, as specified. The winner keeps their respective clothes. Players can also put more clothing at risk and increase the stake to continue the game.

However, strip poker does not follow the quintessential poker rules, as they can be improvised at the convenience of the players. Players don’t have to sacrifice all of their clothes, as the game ends when the losers get to their underwear and admit defeat. Sometimes an end-of-game point is also set to mark a safe limit in the game.

Creators could be sued for unauthorized video

Amid suspicions that the video was made illegally, Scottish Police have confirmed the search is ongoing for the person (s) behind the viral footage. Police are still trying to determine whether filming police officers without their consent would constitute a crime or not. The creators of the video could also be prosecuted, as it is illegal to make and distribute video footage without consent from people in intimate and vulnerable situations in Scotland.

Regarding the prosecution of the officers involved, the prosecution service and the prosecutor’s tax service will take an appeal on this matter. A source close to the ongoing investigation revealed that cops had been redeployed to Dunoon and Lochgilphead.