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Seaside sets permanent rules for outdoor dining parklets. | Food blog

That’s when – nearly two years after the start of the pandemic, cities in Monterey County are putting in place permanent rules for one of Covid’s best innovations, outdoor food courtlets.

Seaside joined the fray on Thursday, Jan.6, when city council voted to implement a new set of administrative design guidelines for alfresco dining along city sidewalks or in parking spaces in front of the business. Like other jurisdictions, Seaside quickly jumped on al fresco dining early in the pandemic and for the sake of convenience, and to keep businesses open, there weren’t many rules around materials or design. These new guidelines put in place design, safety and authorization regulations where none previously existed.

“We want to make sure that everything that goes forward … is of a very high standard,” Deputy City Manager Trevin Barber said.

To this end, existing park structures will need to be removed within the next 30 days. A company that wishes to continue operating a park must then apply for a permit (this comes with a review fee of $ 500) and submit architectural designs to the city. There will also be an annual rental fee, per parking space, of $ 2,000.

Barber says there are currently only two parklets in Seaside, both on Broadway Avenue, Cuz’s Sportsman’s Club and Other Brother Beer Co. He doesn’t expect the new rules to lead to much more. parklets, as many businesses in Seaside have outdoor spaces.

Michael Nevares, co-founder of Other Brother, says he thinks the new rules are “excellent”. And dismantle the existing brewery farm just to build another? “I’m really excited about this,” Nevares says. The existing space grew quite quickly. He now thinks they have the option of creating something more in keeping with the company’s “heavy design” brand.

Nevares says Other Brother already has a design plan, which incorporates concrete walls as well as better shade and rain protection. He realistically estimates that it will be open for business by the end of the spring.