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Simcoe Parking Garage — Blog — PtboCanada

Simcoe Parking Garage — Blog — PtboCanada

The Simcoe parking garage reopens at 6 a.m. Monday after undergoing major renovations announced on Friday.

From Monday to August 2, parking in the garage is free.

A new parking control system has been installed and will be operational on August 2.

In August, the new automated parking control system will be activated and will include barriers controlling entry and exit from the garage. The new system gives customers options to pay for their parking.

Tickets must be validated before exiting the garage by inserting them into the machine at the exit, which raises the gate arm.

Debit or credit cards are accepted at the exit machine by inserting their ticket at the exit door.

Payment machines are located in the garage where customers can pay before leaving. Customers using this option are advised to pay for their parking on return to their vehicle before leaving the car park. There is a 15-minute period provided after validation of the ticket to exit.

Cash payments are made by inserting their ticket at the new payment terminal located on the lower level near the elevators and the walkway to the transit platform. This station also accepts payment by debit or credit.

There is also a new payment terminal on level 2A, near the rear stairwell, which only accepts debit or credit for parking payment and validation of parking tickets before exiting.

Customers can also pay for parking using their HotSpot account and HotSpot readers are provided at all pay stations for customers to activate barriers using their phone.

Monthly pass holders will be given a new proximity card or can get an RFID tag to put on their windshield. The beacon automatically opens doors upon entry and exit. The monthly permit must be active and renewed before the start of the following month in order to remain operational.

There will be a deposit required for new proximity cards or RFID tags which will be refunded when the customer no longer requires a monthly parking pass.

Parking staff will contact current monthly pass holders to arrange for new passes to be issued or customers can call the Parking Division at 705-742-7777 ext. 2802 to purchase a monthly pass.

Parking rates and service hours remain unchanged. Customers parking in the Simcoe parking garage and King Street parking lot receive their first hour of parking free.

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