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Snow becomes more likely Thursday | Weather blog

Lots of sun and slightly warmer temperatures for today as our winds have shifted from the south for this afternoon. The high is keeping us dry and bringing these southerly winds, but that will be disappearing the next day.

Talk about snow

First of all, it’s still a bit premature to give exact snow totals as more and more model data keeps coming in. However, we are starting to see more agreement on the coverage and the potential impacts we might see with this system.

A dry front will continue until tomorrow and this will present us with a much colder temperature descending from our northwest. This will bring in the cold air needed to have snow and not rain. Soon after, low pressure to our south will bring moisture to the area in the form of snow.

future wx.png

Most of the snow appears to be arriving in the afternoon, but some models accelerate the progress of the snow and we could see it falling as early as Thursday morning.


The most widespread snow still arrives Thursday afternoon and will likely last all afternoon and into the evening.


Note that all locations have temperatures in the 20s and below zero, which will help keep the snowflakes after they form higher in the atmosphere. It also means anything that falls now will likely be more dry, flaky snow.

Behind the flurries come truly freezing temperatures among teens widespread for Friday morning.


Much of the snowfall coverage and amounts will depend on the location of this depression. If the low moves a little further north we might see more humidity and higher snowfall rates, while if it moves further south the reverse will happen.

The Weather Prediction Center (WPC) has published its probabilities of accumulation in our region. This is the probability of seeing 1 “or more of snow:

1 inch.png

and here is what they have for the probability of seeing 2 “or more snow:

2 inches.png

Our snow forecast

The greatest potential for snowfall right now is in our Kentucky counties. The further south you head, the more widespread snowfall and heavier accumulations could occur.

the White the shaded area, which includes Louisville, Madison, IN, Shepherdsville and E-Town, will likely see slight accumulations in this area. Meanwhile further south, in the blue shaded area, which includes Campbellsville, Munfordville, Columbia, and Lebanon, you can expect higher snow totals than further north, closer to the Ohio River. We’re also live tonight at 4, 5, 6, 10 and 11 with numbers on updates planned in inches.

snow totlas .PNG

It is not a huge snow event and not a ‘bread and milk’ situation, but our first build of the year will likely come on Thursday.