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So let’s talk about the Jayden Meyer case then

Let’s be honest, the photo doesn’t help, does it?

Every time a rapist smiles and walks out of court, it’s not a good day for the sense of justice, is it?

He has a very punchy face in this picture and knowing that he was convicted of raping 4 15 year old girls while sexually assaulting a 16 year old doesn’t generate any sense of proportion when you want hit him in that smug face of his.

That’s why we entrust the punishment of people as deplorable as Jayden to a judge, isn’t it?

Someone who has the skill to look dispassionately at these disgusting crimes and the damage they cause and use mercy in the passage of justice through the state.

That’s what happened here.

The only reason Jayden wasn’t thrown in jail and instead served house arrest was because of his incredibly young age when he committed these crimes. You put a young sex offender in a New Zealand prison and I’ll tell you what you get on release, a much more dangerous, older, angrier sex offender who goes on to do much worse!

We refuse to recognize that our underfunded, dangerous, violent and corrupt prison system is counterproductive because it produces men more damaged than when they entered it.

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You put Jayden in jail now, you’ll have a much more dangerous rapist on the way out.

This is why the Crown and the defense agreed with the judge when they opted for house arrest, as they all knew that an imprisoned Jayden was a death sentence to any possible rehabilitation.

This is exactly the system we want, a system in which those who understand the case better have the opportunity to impose sentences based on the best results for society.

There was no way the review of this case would proceed legally, all parties agreed with the sentence of house arrest because they all knew it was the only chance to prevent the inevitability of his offense if imprisoned.

You cannot challenge decisions you have accepted outside of the time limit to do so simply because there is a mob backlash generated against the sentence.

It’s not a justice system, it’s mob rule.

We do not allow the mob to decide our justice system.

Once upon a time, the left was one that stood for mercy and recognized the counterproductive nature of prisons, but now identity politics has taken over class activists, the woke left wants harsh imprisonment and equally punishing furious than the Sensible Sentencing Lynch crowd.

Watch how the left changed sexual assault laws to ensure more culpability. Watch how the left made Gay Conversion Therapy a 5 year prison sentence! When it comes to an issue that the identity-political crowd wants, there’s no end to drastic measures that feel enough.

We need judges who govern without fear and who govern in the best interests of society. Jailing a sex offender as young as Jayden would only have made him leave prison more dangerous and damaged than he entered.

You wouldn’t be human if you weren’t sickened by this little bastard, but the only hope of rehabilitation requires that he stay outside the prison. If he does again, however, it crosses any line of rehabilitation and moves to a line where society must be protected from him by a very long sentence.

He won’t jump then.

It was our system that worked, we don’t need a witch hunt against the judges here.

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