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Social audio app Stationhead raises $12M in funding

Radio 2.0 startup Stationhead has raised $12 million, allowing the company to compete with the music podcast format of Spotify and Amazon’s Amp.

Led by CEO and Co-Founder Ryan Star, Stationhead is a social music platform for artists and fans around the world to connect, listen and stream together.

Being one of the early pioneers of “user-generated radio stations”, Stationhead’s app allows anyone to broadcast their own station around the world. Hosts can both stream music and talk live. In the company’s own words, “Stationhead’s patented technology enables fans and artists to create unforgettable digital music experiences, while propelling songs up the charts.”

Using the company’s patented technology, users can access Spotify and Apple Music for music. What’s great for artists is that when a host plays a song on their show, it generates an Apple Music or Spotify stream for each listener! To illustrate, playing a song to an audience of 50,000 gives the artist 50,000 streams on that song!

Artists who have launched their own stations on Stationhead include BTS, Imagine Dragons, Cardi B and others.

Stationhead Raises $12M in Funding

Stationhead says they plan to use their new funds to increase the scale of their global platform while investing in engineering and user experience.

Stationhead’s investors include Diplo, Red Light Management of which Diplo is a client, TMWRK, Round Hill Publishing, Avex Entertainment, Craig Kallmanand and Julie Greenwald of Atlantic Records, Kevin Liles of 300 Entertainment and Jason Flom of Lava Records.


Stationhead says it has over five million users with an average of two hours of daily listening each and 30,000 stations.

Stationhead is available in iOS and Google Play app stores as well as on the web.

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