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Softube Wasted Space: “perfectly imperfect lo-fi reverb”

Image Credit: Softube

Softube Wasted Space is a new lo-fi reverb effect that comes to you from the labs of the “Swedish Distortion Masters”.

Wasted Space is an “instant and extreme lo-fi digital reverb plugin for creative production and sound design”.

This new release from Softube features a retro-futuristic interface with 80s aliasing artifacts. Pop and electronic genres paid homage to 80s music with retro synths making a comeback in pop culture. As a result, manufacturers are introducing digital products that allow us to recreate classic sounds and atmospheres. Now Wasted Space is here to join that machine.

Softube wasted space

Wasted Space offers an inspiring retro-futuristic interface and the authentic 80s saliasing artifacts currently trending in the pop and electronic genres. Features like variable sample rate and selectable alias filter type allow users to effortlessly bring elements into a mix and quickly find their lo-fi sweet spot.

soft tube

Wasted Space includes modules for the company’s Softube Modular Eurorack rig and their Amp Room professional guitar and bass audio rig.

Image Credit: Softube

Hence, you can use this plugin on a number of great sounding internal platforms. All with superb Softube sound quality. Go from dull to out of this world in a flash with Softube’s Wasted Space.

Characteristics of wasted space

  • Intentional exaggeration of aliasing artifacts that were present in early digital reverbs.
  • Variable sample rate and selectable aliasing filter types let you quickly find your ideal lo-fi vibe.
  • High-pass filter to reduce low-end rumble.
  • Pre-delay and time sliders to effortlessly adjust traditional reverb settings.
  • Wet/Dry slider for finding the perfect balance on a track or going completely wet on a bus.
  • With Softube Extended Features for even more control.

Price and availability

Softube wasted space is available for Windows and Mac in VST/VST3, AU and AAX plug-in formats. You can get it now at an introductory price of $35 until July 31, after which it will be $59.