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SoundCloud acquires Musiio in a bid to improve music discovery

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Musiio will help SoundCloud identify both “talent and trends” to deliver the best music discovery experience to SoundCloud users.

SoundCloud has acquired Musiio – an AI-based music curation company based in Singapore. SoundCloud hopes to improve the music discovery capabilities on its platform, reports MusicTech.

Musiio – an AI music startup for music curation

Hazel Savage, former head of streaming for Universal, founded Musiio in 2018 with full stack developer Aron Pettersson. Musiio’s AI technology “listens” to music and provides automated tagging in addition to playlist tools.

Musiio listens to tracks at scale and identifies characteristics and patterns within the music. The AI ​​can then predict which songs a listener would prefer to hear next. This is great news for DJs and music lovers everywhere. Now, we’re much more likely to easily find tracks we like. Oh, and it doesn’t matter if the artists are established or small either.

Terms of the deal aren’t disclosed to the public, but SoundCloud suggests that Musiio will become a central part of SoundCloud’s discovery experience for users. In addition, Musiio “will help identify talent and trends before anyone else”. Could this acquisition be a huge win for independent artists?

In July, Musiio secured an undisclosed funding round that gave the company a valuation of $10 million, up from $3.5 million.

SoundCloud is a unique company. Its unique position in the market as a music streaming service for fans and an artist services business is unlike any other streamer. That is to say, it is the only platform that truly maintains a direct relationship with artists and listeners. SoundCloud hosts more music from more creators than any platform on the planet. The acquisition of Musiio accelerates our strategy to better understand how this music uniquely evolves, which is critical to our success.

Eliah Seton, President of SoundCloud

Savage and Pettersson will join SoundCloud as Vice President for Music Intelligence and Vice President for AI and Machine Learning. And Musiio employees will become full members of the SoundeCloud team, all keeping their jobs.