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Steinberg Nuendo 12: New Features for Musicians and Sound Designers

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Steinberg’s Nuendo DAW is Cubase’s younger software sibling, and Nuendo 12 very clearly focuses on speech production for different multimedia applications.

SteinbergNuendo 12 is available now. And unlike Cubase, it focuses more on speech with its variety of tools and workflows for the needs of audio professionals in the media arena. After all, it wouldn’t make sense for Steinberg to release two products aimed at the same market.

Steinberg Nuendo 12

Now in its twelfth version, Nuendo’s toolset provides a workspace for creating professional voiceovers, dubbing and dialogue. Additionally, you can use Nuendo for games and TV audio, in addition to movies. And many new Nuendo features are aimed at sound designers and post-production studios!

With new features for recording and editing dialogue, as well as producing binaural headphone mixes and more, Nuendo 12 is the home of dialogue.


Image credit: sound on sound

Dialogue assembly

Nuendo 12 brings new tools for editing dialogs. For example, the Dialog detection algorithm both detects speech and removes any silence from your recording. I can imagine that alone will speed up the workflow in the media area. Additionally, the new audition tool lets you listen to the detected waveform as on-screen dialogue before editing.

And improved Audio Alignment allows you to use multiple reference clips with precise timing applied to the corresponding set of field recorder files! the Free chain The tool also allows subtle timing corrections dialog clips from the Project window. You can integrate Nuendo 12 with Post 2 auto alignment and also align time and phase of moving microphones.

Creative tools for musicians and sound designers

Nuendo 12 has a multi-effect Effect modulator plugin that hosts an envelope editor, Breeder dynamic processing tool, and the tool Lin one dithering plugin by MAAT, Inc.

Now you can create chord progressions from audio events and import both tempo and signature tracks for seamless swapping between different projects. You can also use the new MIDI remote control system for integrating MIDI controllers into your Nuendo workflow.

As reported by KVRHere is a list of additional workflow and productivity improvements in Nuendo 12.

  • SpectraLayers One enhancements.
  • Logic editor and input transformer improvements.
  • Seven new SuperVision measurement modules.
  • Sample Editor UI improvements.
  • Video engine performance improvements.
  • The audio engine now supports the High Core Count processor on the latest generation AMD Threadripper.
  • Smooth waveform drawing.
  • MIDI over Bluetooth support in Windows.
  • Native Apple Silicon support for Mac computers.


You can now get Nuendo 12 via the Steinberg Online Shop for $999.99.

If you have activated Nuendo 11 since March 16, you are entitled to a free downloadable update to Nuendo 12. However, please note that this is not a permanent offer.