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Stock Exchange 2021 fantasy game recap


Here’s a recap of the fantastic Family and Friends Stock Market 2021 game:

Numbers of players: The year started with 6 players (Scott, Shelby, Harry, Leland, Wendi and Jeremy) and grew to 8 players after adding Tim (in March) then Kathy (in June).

Money Maker Price:

Total for the ranking of the year:

  1. Scott: $ 2,019.55
  2. Jeremiah: $ 1,247.14
  3. Wendi: $ 1,169.24
  4. Leland: $ 537.57
  5. Catherine: – $ 53.55
  6. Harry: – $ 295.37
  7. Shelby: – ​​$ 321.62
  8. Tim: $ -1,437.45


Monthly average of annual rankings (because not everyone has played every 12 months:

  1. Scott: $ 168.30
  2. Jeremiah: $ 103.93
  3. Wendi: $ 97.44
  4. Leland: $ 44.80
  5. Kathy: – $ 7.65
  6. Harry: – $ 24.61
  7. Shelby: – ​​$ 26.80
  8. Tim: – $ 130.68

Quarterly winners:

  1. Leland 2 (3rd and 4th best income of the quarter)
  2. Wendi 1 (first income of the first quarter)
  3. Jeremy 1 (best second quarter income)

Monthly winners:

  1. Jeremiah 4 (February, March, June and August)
  2. Leland 3 (Jul, Oct and Nov)
  3. Scott 2 (January and April)
  4. Harry 1 (May)
  5. Kathy 1 (Sep)
  6. Tim 1 (dec.)

Some other interesting statistics:

The total of the average annual final amounts for all players was $ 358.19.

The total average per month for all players was $ 28.09.

Here is a link to view the 2021 online spreadsheet (for history):

Plans for the game in 2022:

The basic rules will remain the same:

You get $ 5,000. You must choose 5 actions to spend your $ 5,000. You can choose 5 stocks and distribute the money as you wish among these stocks. Stock prices are blocked at the closing bell on the last day of the previous month.

The only recommended change will be the following:

The game will start each month on the 1st Monday of the month. This will give the players more time to enter their selections and the game tracker (Scott) to enter the selections into the system. Here are the proposed dates for each month:

Jan 3 – Jan 31
February 7 – February 28
March 7 – March 31
April 4 – April 29
May 2 – May 31
June 6 – June 30
July 5 – July 29
August 1 – August 31
Sep 6 – Sep 30
Oct 3 – Oct 31
November 7 – November 30
December 5 – December 30

Reason for the proposed change: With all the new players in the game, it can be difficult for everyone to make their selection if the first day of the month falls (say) Wednesday. Last season’s players had from the closing bell Tuesday until the opening bell Wednesday to enter their new monthly picks… and the game tracker (Scott) had to put everything in place. This little tour was a bit difficult in some months.

This change will only take place if:

  1. The OG players (Leland and Harry) both agree.
  2. Over 50% of all current players also agree (so 5 in total)

From this article, the following players have agreed: Leland and Scott. I haven’t told anyone else yet. I will send this article to everyone this morning for their opinion.

Update: Wendi and Jeremy approve the new rule change. So that makes 4 of the 8 players to date.

Update: Kathy approves the new rule change. So that makes 5 of the 8 players to date.

Here is the new link to the 2022 Season Player Online Spreadsheet:

If you are interested in playing in the 2022 season, be sure to email me with the subject line “Fantastic Stock Market Game” and I will take care of getting you into the game this season.

While the NOW defends Champion of the stock market fantasy game I wish all my other players good luck for the coming season. you are going to need it (yes, the smack talk has already started)!!!

Also… The market opens tomorrow… so send me those stock picks as soon as possible.

Scott E