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Stop feeding the crows! – Me, Anonymous Blog

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– A crow’s intelligence is probably on par with a chimpanzee, they don’t need your help.
– They are a wild animal, not your pet.
-We live in an urban ecosystem, extremely fragile and less resilient, easily impacted.
– Crows are an apex species, extremely territorial and aggressive. When a species at the top receives a sustainable food source, its population flourishes, which puts stress on its own population and on the ecosystem it inhabits. that is, they haze, fly and kill other birds at higher rates. This is currently happening in Portland.
-Placing food in a centralized area puts all creatures involved in danger, too often food is placed in the road allowing cars and prey to easily pick up the gathered animals. They also defecate where they eat, so diseases like conjunctivitis can spread among birds and worse, attract rats.
– Chances are the crows’ diet has never consisted of bread, cheese puffs, popcorn, pretzels, peanuts, dog food, or any other junk we see people feeding them. It’s not healthy for anyone.
-There are 200 native species in this town, enjoy them all, with your eyes and stop feeding the crows.

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