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Sunday Funday: This is the powerless edition

Rep. Katie Porter and her whiteboard explain why Biden’s economy is so good. Be careful what you ask Republicans (I’m looking at you, Miller-Meeks, Hinson and Grassley), you might get it. (9 minutes):

This may be the magic key to getting those who have been so scared off the schneid by the lies and the biggest lies about covid vaccinations. Maybe that will be the thing that will make those gullible Americans scream in horror, especially the male of the species. It’s just this:

If the threat of death or severe disability isn’t enough to convince someone to get the COVID-19 vaccine, men can add this possible consequence of coronavirus infection: erectile dysfunction.

A new study from the University of Florida Health has found that men with COVID-19 are more than three times more likely to be diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, or ED, than those who are not sick with the disease. coronavirus. The paper adds to emerging evidence that COVID-19 could impact sexual function, researchers said.

Of course, that’s if you don’t die. I don’t know which of the American men will consider more serious – death or impotence. Either way, the consequences can be detrimental to your sex life. Vaccination, death or impotence? Choose carefully.

Was this the week daTrump got caught? Stay tuned and find out!

A) The Senate failed to secure a filibuster waiver for the Voting Rights Bill. How many Republicans voted for the carve the filibuster for the voting rights bill?

B) Iowa Congressman Ashley Hinson caused nationwide derision when she announced projects in her district funded by the infrastructure bill, despite what?

C) Last Saturday, the hostage takings in Texas were special in what way?

D) Which TV distribution system parted ways with One America Network last week?

E) Did tennis star Novak Djokovic win or lose his call to play at the Australian Open despite refusing to get a covid shot?

F) Fulton County, Georgia DA requested a special grand jury to investigate election interference by whom?

G) In answering questions about the suffrage bill, Leader Mitch McConnell said that “African Americans vote as high a percentage” as what other group?

H) Old and tired? President Biden held a press conference that lasted how long on Wednesday?

I) “What do they mean? Name one thing?” President Biden challenged the press to explain what this particular group is for?

J) What the leader of the Iowa senate said “We have teachers who disguise sexually obscene material as desired subject matter and profess it to be of artistic and literary value.” ?

K) The volcanic explosion on this small Pacific island last week was “the biggest thing we have ever seen”. according to the nuclear test monitor who tracks explosions around the world?

L) It was revealed last week that Justice SCOTUS refused to wear a mask in session thus forcing Judge Sotomayor to join the session remotely?

M) Due to unfortunate timing, Weber Grills has apologized for its Recipe of the Day on Friday. What was their recipe for Friday?

N) Among the people recently invited to speak with the January 6 committee are which close relative of the former president?

O) An American Airlines flight from Miami to London turned around mid-flight and returned to Miami because of what?

P) Well done science! The Webb Telescope fully completed which phase of its deployment last week?

Q) Fox News(?) host Laura Ingraham openly clapped when she announced which Army General had been diagnosed with Covid?

R) What systems near airports have been put into operation due to possible interference with aircraft altimeters?

S) ‘Plot Pork Pie’? This oddly named scandal involving partying during the Covid lockdown at 10 Downing Street threatens to bring down whose government?

T) In a cash deal (shit!), which company bought game maker Action Blizzard for $70 billion (pocket change, really)?

It’s not the fault of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris that Republicans won’t work with them. It’s the Republicans’ fault.

Thank you for taking the time to understand basic human relationships. – Florida Chris tweet


A) 0, nada, none, zero. So the media blames the Democrats

B) The fact that she not only voted against the bill, but made many derogatory speeches against it.

C) They were Jews

D) Direct TV. Interestingly, Direct TV is owned by AT&T which is OAN’s main funder.

E) Lots of wasted time. More from Novax

F) Asset

G) Americans! You see, African Americans are not Americans implies McConnell

H) 2 hours

I) Republicans

J) Senate President Jake Chapman demonstrating the Republican view on teachers.

K) Tonga

L) Neal Gorsuch

M) Meatloaf (Singer Meatloaf had passed away earlier that day.)

N) Ivanka Trump

O) a passenger who refused to wear a mask

P) Deployment of telescope mirrors. The telescope has almost reached its destination – soon we hope to see some incredible discoveries.

Q) JCS General-in-Chief Mark Milley. Way to support the army, Fox!

A) the 5G network

S)Boris Johnson

T) Microsoft – Activision is best known for the game ‘Candy Crush’

Biden fails to make Americans smart in a year. – Andy Borowitz

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