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Sunday Funday: Train Wreck Edition

It’s the Iowa State Fair again. The Iowa Fair is what most people think of when they think of state fairs. In fact, the Iowa State Fair served as the model for the movie “State Fair.” Halfway through are the antiques in the large barns, the somewhat exotic food and of course the various barns and tents to judge everything from vegetables and sewing to cows and pigs.

Train wrecks are perhaps one of the most memorable events that have occasionally been featured at the Iowa State Fair. The video below (2:20) gives a brief history and quick look at some train wrecks. If they had one this year, the trains could be “Trump” and “Justice.”

Talk about something dominating the news. Looks like the collision between “Trump” and “Justice” is near. I bet on Justice.

A) On what day this week was the resort of Mar-a-Lago swept for illegal documents?

B) Where was the old guy when the sweep took place?

C) Meanwhile, the Democrats were governing. What major bill that affects climate, prescription drug prices, and many other issues was passed and sent to Biden for signature?

D) Yes, we will have some State Fair questions. The first fair was held in October 1854 in which town in Iowa?

E) Governor Reynolds, trying to avoid publishing abortion information during the election, took what action this week to ban most abortions in Iowa?

F) A Trump supporter in which major city attempted to attack the FBI headquarters in that city?

G) Of the documents the FBI was looking for in their sweep, perhaps most troubling is that they were looking for what specific kind of documents?

H) Climate Change, Part 1. Which major Asian city suffered 20 inches of rain overnight, causing massive damage and death?

I) In a somewhat quiet corner of Trump vs. Justice, a court ruled that the House Ways and Means committee can get what files from Trump?

J) How many food classes are judged each year at the Iowa State Fair?

K) Misdirection: Trump tried to change his document theft story by saying which former president took 33 million government documents?

L) August 13, 1961 – What symbol of the Cold War appeared overnight in a major German city?

M) Long the subject of a fatwa issued by the Iranian government, which author was attacked and stabbed while giving a lecture in New York on Friday?

N) Last weekend saw the death of two great female rock ‘n’ roll singers associated with Australia?

O) Climate change part 2: Temperatures exceeded 100 degrees for the second time this summer in which European country with a generally mild climate?

P) In Iowa, Mahaska County Republicans’ attempt to censor which politician was overruled by the Republican state president?

Q) Republicans stopped a bill that would reduce the price of what life-saving drug to $35 on Monday?

R) Climate Change, Part 3: Which tourist town in the United States was inundated with short, heavy rains causing flooding and stranding tourists?

S) A video of this Texas candidate for state governor went viral when he berated a heckler who laughed when the candidate mentioned Uvalde?

T) Trump v Justice Part 3: Trump took the 5th Amendment how many times when he testified in a civil case regarding keeping a double set of books to avoid taxes in New York?

Xtra Credit) Aug. 14, 1935 – President Roosevelt signed what major legislation allowed Americans to afford retirement?

Between Hillary emailing risotto recipes from a private server and Trump selling our nuclear secrets, neither side seems to care much about protecting important information. – Tweet by DougJBalloon


A) Monday (just to see if you were paying attention).

B) At his golf course in NJ.

C) The Inflation Reduction Act

D) Fairfield

E) Asked a district court to let the “fetal heartbeat” bill go into effect.

F) Cincinnati, Ohio

G) Nuclear Secrets

H) Seoul, South Korea

I) his tax records

J) 900

K) Barack Obama – Obama’s use of these documents is within the law

L) the Berlin Wall

M) Salman Rushdie

N) Seekers’ Judith Durham and Olivia Newton-John

O) England

P) Marianne Miller-Meeks

Q) Insulin / Both Iowa senators, Grassley and Ernst, voted against lowering insulin prices

S) Beto O’Rourke

T) 440

Xtra Credit) Social Security Act

Hunter Biden says he watched Mar-a-Lago raid live on his laptop. – Hit Vegetarian tweet