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Tesla posts rare v11 vacation update blog with surprise for non-Tesla owners

Tesla has published a rare new blog post, which doesn’t happen often since the company disbanded its public relations department. In this article, Tesla is releasing more details about its Holiday v11 software update, including something for non-Tesla owners.

Earlier this week, we reported that Tesla was starting to push its new “vacation update,” which is a bigger-than-usual software update that typically includes a set of features that are more fun than practical. That said, we’re learning even more details about the update as it rolls out to the fleet.

For example, we learned of a new “megaphone” feature this morning. Now Tesla has posted a blog post about updating the software, which also becomes Tesla’s v11 software. V11 was previously released as a user interface for the new Model S and Model X vehicles, but is now making its way to Model 3 and Model Y vehicles.

Tesla released a new breakdown of vehicles with what features:

The Light Show goes to all vehicles – here’s what it looks like out of the box:

But the feature is actually also available to non-Tesla vehicle owners as Tesla released it as new open source software called xLights. Anyone can use the feature to create a light show and download it to their car.

For Tesla vehicles with matrix headlights, it can actually project graphics:

The blog also reveals new features we didn’t see in previous release notes, like an updated audio experience:

For an even better audio experience, there are now five levels of immersive audio, including automatic tuning that adapts to the content you’re playing, and you can adjust the subwoofer output independently to get just the right amount of sound. bass punch.

Here is the full blog post:

Presentation of software V11.0

Software version 11.0 is here as part of our largest vacation release yet. Introducing some of our most creative features, a new Light Show feature that lets you (or anyone with a computer) choreograph light shows to your own music, new gaming and entertainment experiences, security features, customizable controls and an all-new user interface design.

This week, Tesla owners around the world will be able to do more with their cars and have even more fun, all with a free over-the-air software update.

Here are the new features:

  • Tesla light show: Anyone with a computer can now create their own unique Tesla light show, no Tesla vehicle required. Using xLights, a free open source software, you can create a light show to play with the music of your choice. You can then download your show, or shows from other creators, to a USB drive and download it to your car.

    Light Show is also preloaded with a song for your enjoyment and works with all new S models, new X models, and any 3 or Y model.

    Getting started documentation is available here.

  • New user interface: Each Model 3 and Model Y, as well as the legacy Model S and Model X equipped with an Intel Atom® processor, will receive a new digital look that will take design elements from our next-generation Model S and Model X. Several notable features include a customizable app launcher, streamlined command menu, and support for a dark mode appearance.
  • Updated navigation: Our new navigation lets you hide map details for a clean, streamlined appearance, and you can now quickly add and rearrange multiple stops on your route. Your Tesla will automatically update arrival times and battery levels for each destination.
  • Games: We’ve added the original Sonic the Hedgehog to Tesla Arcade for even more excitement and a bit of nostalgia during charging stops. You can now also train your brain with Sudoku, or challenge your friends with the multiplayer The Battle of Polytopia.
  • Entertainment: TikTok is now available on touchscreen and our new Megaphone Boombox lets you project your voice through your car’s external speaker – perfect for telling your friends when it’s time to charge up and go!
  • audio: For an even better audio experience, there are now five levels of immersive audio, including automatic adjustment that adapts to the content you are playing, and you can adjust the subwoofer output independently to get just the right amount. bass punch.
  • Blind spot camera: When you signal a lane change or a turn, a live camera of your blind spot will be activated on your touch screen.
  • Access to the live camera in sentry mode: Already living in the United States, we are introducing our Sentry Mode Live Camera Access feature for the rest of North America and most of Europe. This feature allows you to view the live feed from Autopilot cameras directly on your Tesla app.
  • Comfort suspension in autopilot mode: For S and X models equipped with adaptive suspension, this new mode automatically adjusts the air suspension to its “Comfort” setting, perfect for highway cruising.
  • Cold weather improvements: For even more convenience, cold weather features can now be activated through the Tesla app or the center touchscreen at a lower state of charge, giving you access to features such as cabin preconditioning and the heated charging port when you need it most.

    For each Model 3 and Model Y, we’ve also added an automatic seat heater feature: the front row seat heaters automatically adjust based on cabin conditions and air conditioning settings.

From the company that invented the Automotive Software Update, version 11.0 is the latest example of our efforts to ensure that every Tesla gets better over time. Enjoy it and have a good vacation!

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