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The blog simplifies Carmel outings for parents • Current editions

When Chelsea Kopelman quit her job as a brand marketer in 2019, she quickly discovered that she was “terribly bored”, just like her children. So, over the past three years, they’ve explored Carmel and the surrounding area in search of kid-friendly activities, events, restaurants and businesses. But taking out your young children can sometimes be intimidating.

“You don’t always know what to expect when you get there, how your kids are going to act, if it’s a safe space for them to show big emotions, etc.,” she said. “After learning about many outings with my own kids, I’ve realized that if you have the right information before learning about a new activity with your kids as a parent, you feel more confident and excited about sharing these new experiences with your family and therefore more ready to try some of these local establishments.”


This led Kopelman to launch her blog, “KeepingUpINCarmel,” in July.

“I started ‘KeepingUpINCarmel’ with the aim of raising awareness of these family-friendly local establishments and activities and providing parents with the right information they need to feel confident taking their children to visit,” said said Kopelman. “If you are looking for actual information about visiting this specific park, for example, is there mulch or rubber flooring? Is it safe for toddlers, babies, and older children? does it have good visibility to watch multiple children at the same time?Do you need to pack a change of clothes and a towel for your children?The answers to these types of questions are what you will find on my blog.

Kopelman said in his experience that having this kind of information in advance increases the likelihood that parents will try a new adventure and “feel confident that it will be a fun time for them and their children.”

KeepingUpINCarmel is managed for all the extra time the mother of three has.

“My 9-5 happened with my kids, and I’m so grateful for this opportunity,” she said. “I weave sharing activities on the blog or (Instagram) into our days because we’re really into these activities all the time, which makes it easier to share.”

She also works part-time as a marketing manager for a financial services group in Indianapolis and runs her photography business, Chelsea Kopelman Photography.

Kopelman can’t really say how many hours a week she blogs because she says it doesn’t feel like work and the family does the activities anyway.

“Instagram is where I can share real-time snippets of our adventures and connect in real time with my audience,” she said. “The website allows me to share more in-depth content as well as exclusive offers only with my subscribers.”

Kopelman wants to grow the blog, both on traditional platforms and on social media.

“I will continue to seek out new ways to create family memories in and around Carmel and share the ins and outs parents will want to know to try these adventures for themselves,” she said. “It’s not always so easy to jump in the car and get out the door.”

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