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The Bucs need a real quarterback –

The Bucs need a real quarterback

March 6, 2022

Unintentional error?

Too many nights in Indianapolis will do that to a sportswriter (Joe knows this firsthand).

When writers flock to Indianapolis every winter for the combine (for perhaps the last time last week), they need to find and meet contacts and sources. In downtown Indianapolis, where are the best places to do this? Steakhouses and bars and maybe Steak ‘n Shake. (For example, Joe hung out with Bucco Bruce Arians on Tuesday night and saw him briefly in town again on Wednesday.)

There are only so many clichés about football that a sane man or woman can endure – constant chatter over 40 irrelevant times and the onerous bench press stewards yelling “All the way up!” – without being driven to the many watering holes within walking distance of the Indiana Convention Center.

And these water points can sometimes play tricks on you. And that’s what Joe thinks happened with CBS heavy metal headbanger Jason La Canfora when he linked Blake Bortles to the Bucs. This happened when La Canfora offered the first goal of every NFL team this offseason.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Stop it with the Blake Bortles hype train. Please! We love Bruce Arians, but this team needs a real starting QB with retired Tom Brady.

That’s dumpster diving!

This is the first Blake Bortles reference to the Bucs that Joe has seen. Bucs Super Bowl-winning coach Bucco Bruce Arians spent most of Tuesday hyping Blaine Gabbert. Maybe it’s because Arians said he’ll go to camp with four quarterbacks.

Joe guesses that La Canfora spent a long night at Yard House and mistook Bortles for Gabbert. Who doesn’t? You really can’t tell one bad Jags quarterback from another. Like Gabbert, Bortles’ last start was in 2018.

Maybe La Canfora is just acknowledging that Arians put it so thick for Gabbert last week that he really smells like a massive smokescreen – for what or who is anyone’s guess.

But yes, Joe agrees with La Canfora. Please find a real quarterback for the Arians. Please.