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Just a day after AMD officially launched its Zen 4 processors, check out our Ryzen 9 7950 and Ryzen 5 7600. Intel Innovation kicks off with a keynote from Mr. Gelsinger. We want a full list of items that will cover the Raptor Lake product line, as well as 13th and 4th Gen CPUs, Arc GPUs, and other topics.


Intel’s CEO said he’s taking action.

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Gelsinger’s shirt is ‘GEEK’ written in binary code.

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Gelsinger said several tech powerhouses have already traversed the digital world, including computing, connectivity, cloud and edge infrastructure, and artificial intelligence, but he adds “sensing” to the list.


Gelsinger talked about Intel’s new IDM 2.0 strategy and how Moore’s Law plays into the strategy. Gelsinger says Moore’s Law isn’t dead – someone tells NVidia CEO Jensen Huang. Intel plans to create five new nodes in four years.

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Intel will continue its work to build more productive semiconductor production capacity for IFS, and that includes the acquisition of Tower Semiconductor. Intel plans to make its Intel Foundry Services a system-level chipmaker. To do this, we produce null chips, but also chips for packaging, software and chiplets. Intel is working on implementing a standard like UCIe which encourages the chip ecosystem. The number of organizations is 80. Gelsinger then watched a video showing a television and a video showing the leaders expressing their support for the UCIe.


Intel is also investing in the talent system by working with universities to get into chip designers. Intel’s college shuttle program is already underway.

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Gelsinger said GPUs will play a crucial role in the future. Gelsinger said GPUs were on his unfinished list when he left Intel, but now he can come back to fix that. He then introduced the Flex 170 and Flex 140 GPUs. This provides a hardware-based AV1 decoder for cloud providers. The GPUs also support OneAPI and all major AI distributions.

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Gelsinger has flashed a Ponte Vecchio GPU and Sapphire Rapids CPU that performs like a supercomputer is capable of. Gelsinger announced that Intel is FINALLY shipping silicon to the Aurora system.


Gelsinger announced that Intel will reduce the cost of high-end GPUs for gamers, by getting the Arc A770 GPU. He said it’s 65% faster than the competition in ray tracing. It’s available for $329 on October 12. Critics died with cards.


Here is the mandatory photo of the card.

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Gelsinger introduced the company’s new chief AI officer.

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Intel has a new neural encoder that can remove CUDA from code so it can run on Intel’s OneAPI. Intel introduced the one-click solution that removed the code.


Gelsinger wants to make AI models easier to deploy. He has developed a tool to help fix AI models that have become obsolete. The company has built a new software application at work.


Intel is developing an AI-only app.


Gelsinger announced that Raptor Lake is a reactor. They will be available on October 20. You can see our report here.

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Intel is about to release a 6 GHz SKU in limited volumes. Next year it will be available for sale.

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Intel will manufacture a series of 50 chips and 500 games for Raptor Lake.


Samsung introduced a new flexible steel display that can quickly expand. The screen with 17 inches is for PCs.


Intel is working with its partners to create a seamless way to extend the display to PCs. You can also use Android and iOS devices to turn your screen into a PC. New Unison software is coming to new laptops this holiday season from Acer, HP and Lenovo.

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Gelsinger released a video about his younger version of himself talking about optical photonics and how the goal is to build that part into every chip at Intel. This video was taken two decades ago. Intel hooked up with the Scottish lab for a demonstration of a new optical connector that connects directly to an Intel processor.

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Intel demonstrated using the optical cable, putting the chip in and out.

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Gelsinger introduced Linus Trovalds on stage to talk about Intel’s commitment to open source.


Gelsinger presented an 886 programming guide to Trovalds.


Intel presented its first innovation award to Linus Trovalds.

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Gelsinger closed the keynote by saying that we reassessed our future and had the opportunity to see what it would be like to see together. It’s a wrap.