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The Lure of Trade –

“Jason, you won’t see Chucky’s name up there now, but he was in the Ring of Honor for a reason. Never forget why.”

Joe is starting to have a hunch that Bucs AC/DC-loving GM Jason Licht might trade in the first round next week. And he would have the blessing of the powers that be to do so.

If we are to believe everything that is currently out in the open right now, it definitely feels like Bucs quarterback Tom Brady will be playing his senior year in Tampa Bay this fall. After that, it’s reasonable to expect the franchise to take a big step back.

That’s what happens when the greatest quarterback of all time walks away, unless you have a Pro Bowl quarterback ready to replace him in 2023.

The last time Team Glazer felt the heat of the sands pouring out of the hourglass, they had a good coach who just couldn’t get over the hump and stubbornly maintained a prehistoric offense. It didn’t do the job.

So Father Dungy was sent packing and – Joe remembers Al Davis’ press conference very well – Joel Glazer, by Davis, called him in the dark of night, informing Davis that Rich McKay had been fired and was running the show for the Bucs and oh by the way would Chucky be available for some draft picks?

The rest is history. The Bucs sent two first-round picks, two second-round picks and cash to Oakland for Chucky. The former Bucs ballboy quickly rewarded Team Glazer with the franchise’s first Super Bowl win.

Joe understands that some readers of this site here are triggered by the idea of ​​the Bucs trading in the first round next week because they think it’s irresponsible for the future. Well, the future is now.

After all, do you honestly know anyone who, after the Bucs’ Super Bowl victory, stood along Ulmerton Road and threw rocks at traffic in outrage that the Super Bowl victory had cost the Bucs two first-round picks? Of course, unless the guy is too drunk to even know his own name.

Joe is all for it if the Bucs have to pay a high price to move up the draft if Licht has his eye on a big player.

The Bucs may never be in this position again for decades. Make the most.