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The metro resumes its regular service on Sunday

TRANSIT: the metro resumes its regular service on Sunday

(Seen in West Seattle this afternoon)

Metro announced that it would begin the process of returning transit service to normal on Sunday:

Metro will shut down the Snow Emergency Network (ESN) at 4 a.m. on Sunday January 2.

Subway vehicle maintenance crews abandoned chaining and retrieving stranded buses and began repairing damaged buses that operated during the winter storm. Metro is evaluating how many buses are available and whether any routes should remain temporarily suspended on Monday, January 3, as additional repairs are completed.

“Our transit professionals have kept the area safe during the recent snowstorms,” said Terry White, General Manager of King County Metro. “Now we turn our attention to fixing the damaged buses over the past week and re-operating the larger transit system passengers rely on. ”

Cyclists traveling on Saturday, January 1 should review routes operated on the Snow Emergency Network before traveling. On Sunday, January 2, online resources will be updated to reflect persistent snow-covered roads where road conditions continue to be difficult for transit service. Masks are mandatory on all public transport.

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