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The Newcastle United Blog | Big things are being done behind the scenes by the owners – which Newcastle fans don’t see

It’s been 100 days since the Newcastle takeover on October 7, and there’s a great informative article in the Jock which was published by George Caulkin and Chris Waugh, two of Newcastle’s top journalists.

They are watching everything that has happened at Newcastle since then, and we will agree that we haven’t gained the number of points we expected since the owners arrived, or since the arrival of the new Newcastle head coach. , Eddie Howe.

What’s intriguing is how the new owners are changing the club behind the scenes and, of course, trying to change the actual Newcastle team on the pitch.

We will focus on the things that happen off the pitch, which some Newcastle fans may not be aware of.

  • Newcastle are interviewing a new CEO as well as a new sporting director or director of football. This push is managed by an outside agency. The final decision, of course, rests with the Board once they have interviewed all candidates for both positions. This work should be completed within the next month, according to a senior club source.
    The CEO should be named first.
  • Very good news that in the summer there will be a complete refurbishment and upgrade of the Benton training ground. It looks like they will have to do about “three or four years” and the new training center will most likely be on a new site and will (this time) definitely be a world-class facility.
    Not like what was promised to us by the owner of Newcastle at the time, at the end of 2013 and which never materialized. We can expect major improvements at Benton for next season whether we get relegated or not.
    A figure involved in the work told The Athletic:

    “We have already worked a lot on this”, “We have a good idea of ​​what is possible. It’s gonna be exciting.

  • The owners regularly talk to the players (and the fans) and the new owners try to reconnect with the fans, after the insults of the previous owner.
    The new owners message the manager regularly after games and at other times, and they seem impressed with Eddie Howe, who still appears to be working hard and completely committed to keeping Newcastle in the PL this season.
  • We have to mention this one – the over 700 Sports Direct signs have been removed from St. James’s Park and the training ground.
  • The Nine Bar in St James will be renamed Shearer’s Bar in honor of Alan Shearer, who is Newcastle’s top scorer, former captain and manager. Shearer is the face of Newcastle United and probably what Newcastle are best known for these days – one of the greatest players to ever wear the famous black and white shirt.
    Once again, the decision of the absent former owner is reversed. Shearer’s statue will also be introduced in “clubland – where it belongs.

Newcastle’s results have not been good, and when we have come close to winning individual defensive mistakes have been made – and continue to be made.

But an insider commented on Eddie Howe’s wider impact at the club since joining on November 8:

“He’s a great coach and a brilliant guy. He’s obsessed with keeping us awake – he works all day and all night, he’s so professional. We’re delighted to have him.

So there is good news, about what is happening behind the scenes.

Now if Newcastle can only get our second victory at Leeds United next Saturday!

Good job guys !!

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