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Three and Out: Texans-Jaguars predictions

Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars, the two horrific franchises sitting at 2-11, will have a wet slapfight Sunday in Jacksonville. While the Texans stay the course with many of their bad decisions, the Jaguars gave up one of theirs very quickly, Drops head coach Urban Meyer after just 13 games.

A bold move from the Jaguars, that’s for sure. Does that mean they’re a good franchise, or a better one than the Texans? No. Does that mean they deserve credit for quickly throwing themselves out of an obviously horrible situation? I think that’s sort of the case. In general, the “football world” is surprised at how horribly this year has turned out for Meyer, who has been hired with great fanfare. Of course, there were people who didn’t think Meyer would translate well in the NFL, but the vast majority didn’t look at the hiring and didn’t say “what’s the absolute * *** “like they did with some other AFC South goofball franchise.

Yes sir, the Texans will be looking to cut penalties and turnovers because apparently that’s why they’re so bad. The game plans and the coaches are awesome, guys. The team just needs to better execute the game plan. But oh also, coaches need to coach better. Anyway, man, I have that football feeling or it could be kidney stones the size of a golf ball.

Let’s see how the BRB staff predict that Saturday’s sweet little pookie bear contest will play out:

Matt Weston: Jaguars 24, Texans 17.

We saw it last year when the Houston Texans fired Bill O’Brien. Tim Kelly eventually called vertical routes to Brandin Cooks, Deshaun Watson had more freedom on the line of scrimmage and could hear Darren Fells at a huge touchdown, and Garnder Minshew was stuck trying to wear Jacksonville against an emotional Texan team while alone. The Texans earned their first win of the season after starting 0-4, then moved up to 3-8 to end the year.

The Jaguars are finally free from Urban Myer’s reign of terror. Kickers won’t get kicks, cracks won’t be massaged, Marvin Jones won’t have to scream, James Robinson will actually play, and so on, as the Jaguars look to avenge their Week 1 loss where they were absolutely unprepared to cover two tusks, and defense rubs together by playing male cover.

Losing is also the best thing for Texans. A loss to Jacksonville, with Los Angeles, San Francisco and Tennessee to end the season, almost secures them the chance to pick number two overall, and maybe even number one, if Dan Campbell manages to make it. gain another victory. This game is going to be a little less stupid without Myer, but it’s still going to be an all-time stupid game, something we need, in a season where the Texans weren’t just bad, but were bad and boring.

God bless the BOL STUPOR.

Chris: Jaguars 29, Texans 13.

I can see a scenario where the Jags play inspired football for a few weeks after canning Urban Meyer. What better team to test that new-found energy and courage than the unfortunate, room-temperature Houston Texans, butter-soft, constantly blown away and last or nearly last in attack and passing? A team that has a head coach who doesn’t oversee attack or defense, doesn’t call play for either, but is still a real disaster when it comes to managing the clock. and play.

Oh, I guess I should answer my own question – the Texans are the perfect team for that. A team you can slap against, try new things on offense and defense, and thank them graciously for that beating afterwards.

bfMFd: Glitter Kitties 17, Texans 9.

There are currently three worst franchises in the NFL, and it’s a battle between two of them. Urban Meyer is gone. David Culley still exists with Tim Kelly and Lovie Smith.

I have nothing deep to say about this game. Neither team would achieve an NCAA Top 10 ranking. This game only exists because it is on the program.

This is the type of match that only Bill O’Brien could be excited about, and it should tell you everything you need to know about this game.

l4blitzer: Texans 16, Jaguars 16.

What we have here is perhaps the dumbest game the 2021 NFL season will present to us. You have two bad teams, with poor management (well, Jacksonville just trimmed their bad coach, but still the interim doesn’t inspire much confidence) and questionable front office staff with questionable personnel decisions. . Both teams battle for the not-so-coveted final ranking in most statistical categories of offensive / defensive / special teams. Jacksonville teaches a once-per-decade How Not to Use and Develop Potential Talent class with Trevor Lawrence. Davis Mills scores higher in almost all of the key achievement categories than Lawrence. It’s not a sentence I EVER thought I’d write.

Part of me is a little disappointed that Urbz was sacked before this game. I imagined maybe one of the worst games in NFL history with Culley / Urban part two. The game would be so bad that it would be the NFL equivalent of a cult Sharknado-style movie. The derpness would explode on social media, with these dubiously motivated teams going through the movements in front of a sparse and impartial crowd. I could just smell a classic 6-6 tie. However, Jacksonville set out to do the logical thing, purging Meyer, and so they can actually have some confidence and a bit of skill. Not a lot, but maybe enough.

This game could potentially see Jacksonville explode with its new-found freedom, mustering its best offensive effort of the season and blasting the Texans by 17+. Or, they could still be so clueless and lost that they go out and let the Texans hammer them like Game 1. for those teams to end in a potentially fun tie. I see Jacksonville jumping with a 2 point lead, a product of their release from the worst urban man to ever run an organization. Still, the emotion collapses, and the Texans are less than 3 at halftime. The Texans actually score in the second half and the game continues into overtime, where both teams miss out on overtime winning kicks, and the teams leave the field with the same number of losses and wins as they did. ‘had done when they left. The Texans register the franchise’s first draw.

It might not be the first Sharknado, but it could still be such a bad game as it is. That’s about all the team has left in 2021.

Mike: Jaguars 27, Texans 12.

Even though Darrell Bevel is never the first Coach of the Year vote, he represents a major improvement over David Culley. Not to mention the Glitter-Kitties should be turned on to prove they’re not as miserable as Urban Meyer told them they were before it got started. Wondering if Trevor Lawrence begs Dabo Swinney to move to Florida?

Speaking of starting, Ka’imi Fairbairn scored the longest field goal in Texans history last week, which means he’s going to miss an extra point this week, because of the #Texans. Culley and his company will accidentally have a few good things, which will make it feel like a competitive game for the first 15-20 minutes before Cal McEasterby reminds them that culture is more important than playing worthy plays. ‘a celebration and the tank will reassert itself at the top of the stack. of crushed and broken Houston fans.

Kenneth L .: Texans 17, Jaguars 13.

Well, given that several Texans have recently been diagnosed with COVID and it’s spreading fairly quickly across the country, this week’s lineup might not happen. Or potentially the next few weeks. If we play I think the Jaguars are able to rally the change in their dressing room to put on a good performance. However, I doubt their attack will be transformed in a matter of days. I can see Trevor Lawrence playing a cleaner game, but that doesn’t excuse some of the bad habits he’s picked up. For him and the league, I hope he comes out of it, but his mentality and his self-confidence are damaged.

This game is more than Urban, it is about sowing in the NFL Draft. I wrote about how the 3rd choice can have a fairer value than the 2nd overall choice. I guess it will be a race to the bottom, but overall he’ll be curious about how the two teams approach this game. Considering when those draft picks come to fruition, most of the players on the current roster. So they’re not really fighting for their own future by trying to lose these games…

Matt Robinson: Jaguars 24, Texans 13.

Trevor Lawrence’s revenge game is upon us. Now rid of his trainer Urban Meyer, this young quarterback has the chance to be an eternal thorn on the Houston side, much like the Colts led by Peyton Manning. While most teams tend to find their identity and improve as the season progresses, it looks like Houston has regressed in a lot of ways. A team that insists on being heavy staff, running the ball, limiting the type of turnaround offense has fought its true strengths in some sort of midlife crisis. Brandin Cooks, Nico Collins, Brevin Jordan, this team has weapons as well as an offensive line capable of protecting. With little to lose for the rest of the season, Mills must pull back his bubble wrap and have more freedom to push the ball down the field. An increase in screenless pass attempts may not produce surprising results, according to Mills, but it will provide more opportunities to assess many of Houston’s offseason questions. Is Davis Mills expected to start in 2022? How usable are Nico Collins and Brevin Jordan as offensive pieces? Before we decide Laremy Tunsils ‘fate or commit to Howards’ fifth year option, where do we value Tytus Howard in the long run? Can Charlie Heck continue to develop and become a solid starter?

Use the comments section below to predict Sunday’s game. Will the Texans jump a team in disarray, or will they blow themselves up because the Jaguars are so happy to have Meyer out of the building? The intense drama will play out at noon on Sunday, don’t miss it!