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Thursday GFN: Play Loopmancer on GeForce NOW

Investigate the ultimate truth this GFN Thursday with Loopmancernow broadcast to all members on GeForce NOW. Stuck in a death loop, RTX 3080 and Priority members can search for the truth with RTX ON, including NVIDIA DLSS and ray-traced reflections.

Additionally, players can take advantage of the latest Genshin Impact event with the “Summer Fantasia” version 2.8 update. It’s all part of nine new games joining the GeForce NOW Library this week.

Enter the City of Dragons

The cycle continues until the case is solved. Loopmancer streams on GeForce NOW, with RTX enabled.

Playing as a detective in this roguelite action platformer, members will wake up in their apartments every time they die, bathed in the neon lights of futuristic Dragon City. As the story progresses, revisiting what seemed like the right choice in the past can lead to a different conclusion.

Face off against vicious mobsters, well-equipped mercenaries, crazed mutants, highly skilled bionics and more as you search for clues, even on mobile devices. Unlock new weapons and abilities through endless reincarnations to improve your combat skills for fast-paced battles.

RTX-3080 and Priority Members can experience Loopmancer with DLSS for improved image quality at higher frame rates, plus real-time ray-tracing technology that simulates the realistic physical behavior of light, even on underpowered devices and Macs . Every loop, detail, and map – from the richly colored Dragon Town to the dark village of Shuigou – is rendered with beautiful cinematic quality.

Ready to initiate a new loop? Try it Loopmancer demo in the Instant Play Free Demos row before diving into the full game. RTX 3080 and Priority members can even try the demo with RTX ON.

A summer odyssey awaits

With a cursed blade of unknown origin, a mysterious unsolved case, and familiar – but not too familiar – islands in the distance, the recent addition of Genshin Impact heats up with the “Summer Fantasia” version 2.8 update, now available.

Meet the newest Genshin character, Shikanoin Heizou, a young prodigy Tenryou Commission detective with keen senses. Members can also cool off with the new sea-based “Summertime Odyssey” main event, explore the Golden Apple Archipelago, experience new stories, and dress in their best with new outfits.

RTX 3080 Members can stream all the fun at 4K resolution and 60 frames per second, or 1440p and 120 FPS from native PC and Mac apps. They also enjoy the benefits of ultra-low latency that rivals console gaming and can capture all the latest action with the maxed out eight-hour gaming sessions.

Summer Kid, Havin’ a Blast

Fight in dystopian cyberspace and establish an exotic black market store in this rogue-lite, management, shoot ’em up.

This week brings a total of nine new titles for players.

With all these awesome options to play and only a certain number of hours in a day, we have a question for you. Let us know your answer on Twitter or in the comments below.