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TikTok Testing Dislike Button for Comments

TikTok has confirmed that it is testing a new dislike button for comments. This feature is under consideration as the company identifies new ways to make the platform safer and more positive.

In a blog post focused on TikTok’s commitment to finding new ways to foster kindness, the company announced its first steps in rolling out a comment dislike button. As TikTok begins testing the feature, some users may dislike individual comments found in a TikTok’s comments section.

“These comments from the community will add to the range of factors we already use to help keep the comments section always relevant and a place for genuine engagement,” TikTok says in the post.

Disliking content on TikTok isn’t necessarily new. Users can already dislike videos to let TikTok know they are not interested in the content. However, the “dislike” button for comments simply provides comments that may be “irrelevant or inappropriate” without other users being able to see them. TikTok will continue to remove comments that violate community guidelines.

The blog post continues and announces that TikTok is testing another feature regarding feature reminders. These will be more creator-centric. For example, TikTok can remind creators to filter comments or bulk block and delete those who receive a high number of negative comments. However, TikTok has not conclusively confirmed whether this feature will be rolled out in full. A decision will apparently be made in the coming weeks.

Finally, TikTok confirms having deleted more than 85 million videos between October and December 2021 for non-compliance with the rules. This was confirmed by the company’s transparency report.