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Tom Brady and Bruce Arians –

“Tommy, if the Glazers promise to release the TB12 in England, will you come back?”

Before anyone tries to twist Joe’s words, let it be very clear here: Joe over the past two seasons has developed a crush on Tom Brady.

Joe was outspoken, he rarely watched (or watched) the Belicheats and was an integral member of the Brady/Beliecheats Fatigue club. And yes, Joe was skeptical about bringing in a 43-year-old quarterback because, at the time, a 43-year-old had never done anything noteworthy in the NFL.

And Joe thinks betting against never is a bad bet.

Brady proved Joe wrong. Highligths! And Joe learned that all the hype around Brady was real. So Joe types the following coming from the perspective of a guy who desperately wants Brady to change his mind, be a man and go back to the Bucs.

There’s way too much smoke out there for Brady to be frustrated with something with the Bucs that led to his retirement for Joe to believe it’s nothing. Far too many hip guys with solid track records, solid sources and a lot of credibility are screaming that Brady had developed issues last year with the Bucs for Joe to dismiss that as nonsense.

Albert Breer is one of those guys. And he was the first to suggest that Brady didn’t necessarily retire from the NFL, he retired from the Bucs. And yesterday, in his MMQB column on, Breer added a little nugget to what he has already said on the subject.

I don’t know if Tom Brady has a problem directly with Bruce Arians. But I heard there were things about the Bucs schedule that frustrated him (which might be natural, given how narrow the ship he came from when he arrived in Tampa) .

So here’s where Joe is going with all of this. And again, this is coming from a guy who badly wants Brady to wear Bucs gear again.

Maybe the problem is Brady and not the Bucs?

Didn’t Brady say how fed up he was with the Belicheats that he wanted to come to a place that respected him and valued his input and allowed him to be himself? Tell Joe the Bucs didn’t give Brady such an atmosphere?

And now Brady has a problem with the Bucs and quit? Kind of like he had a problem with the Belicheats and left?

Maybe the problem is Brady?

Yeah, Joe typed that.

Of course, Brady could pump up a Twitter or Instagram story and throw cold water on all those burning embers that he was fed up with the inner workings of the Bucs. He must be aware of all this chatter. To this day (Joe is typing this post late on a Monday night), Brady has yet to deny all of that.

As the creator, curator and general guru of Professional Football Discussion, likes to say the great Mike Florio, silence invites speculation. Meanwhile, Bucs AC/DC general manager Jason Licht and Bucco Bruce Arians, the Bucs’ Super Bowl-winning coach, writhe in the wind.

The floor is yours, Tommy.