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Tom Brady attempts 58 passes –

Tom Brady attempts 58 passes

November 6, 2022

After days of focusing on improving their running game, the Bucs came out today against an average defense and proved they can’t run the ball – again!

The problems run deep. Tampa Bay had 20 carries for just 51 yards and that probably lowered its league-worst average to 2.9 yards per carry for the season.

But the good news is that Tom Brady attempted 58 passes, his old arm didn’t fall off and he had plenty of throws left late in the game. Brady went 36 of 58 for 280 yards and a touchdown to win the game against Cade Otton.

Brady only ate one sack and found his way to another game with no turnovers. The offense looks miserable, but Joe applauds Brady for continuing to grind and grind and grind the whole game. He is emotional on the pitch but never seems to lose focus.

Before kickoff, Buccaneers general manager Jason Licht was on the team’s radio network to talk about how the Bucs need to find rhythm and balance in their offense. (Joe will talk about this later).

Tampa Bay didn’t find what Licht was looking for, but they did find a hopefully season-saving “W” that will inspire the offense to wipe the collective mud from their shoes.

Joe isn’t afraid of Brady throwing 50 times a game. In fact, Joe thinks if the Bucs’ playcalling was stronger, he’d find a way to pitch to set up the run.