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“Tom Doesn’t Give Speeches” –

“Tom Doesn’t Give Speeches”

September 16, 2022

“Shut up and work every fucking second, Blaine.”

Legendary Bucs linebacker Lavonte David has explained one of the many differences between Tom Brady and Jameis Winston.

David sat down for the close level podcast and, of course, was finally asked about Brady and what sets him apart. The question came after David noted a few times that Brady completely changed the Bucs organization and taught the roster how to prepare for games.

David said it all comes down to Brady’s work rate, how serious he is at all times about football and that he doesn’t want special treatment and isn’t into the rah-rah stuff.

“Tom doesn’t give speeches,” David said. “He is the definition of leading by example.”

Brady is competitive from the start of training and he never stops, David explained. He quoted Brady, saying “If we compete, we’re going to compete.”

It was a change, David said, noting that Jameis was talking and ultra-competitive in practice and “then chilling out for a while,” while Brady never stopped competing.

Of course, Bucs fans know that Brady gave a famous football legacy speech just before the Super Bowl kicked off. Joe can imagine how Brady was commanding the room that day. Joe can also imagine the wild speech Jameis prepared for his Sunday Saints.