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Top 10 coffee importing countries in 2022

The coffee bean is the second most traded commodity in the world1.

Due to specific production requirements, coffee cultivation is only practiced in certain geographical regions. However, it is marketed globally and widely consumed all over the world.

This fact probably does not surprise you. If you’ve traveled, you know you can have a cup of coffee wherever you are.

In 2020, experts estimated the market value of coffee to be US$465.9 billion.2falling to second place only behind gasoline3.

Thus, joining the international coffee trade seems like a no-brainer. And opening a seller account on to join Global Trade makes that decision even easier.

We dive into the top 10 coffee importing countries in 2022 to help you become a successful seller on

Overview of the global coffee import market

The global market for coffee imports is huge – and growing every year.

In 2021, 9 million tons of coffee were marketed worldwide1. This is a massive increase from an average of 5 million tonnes in 2001. It’s true – the industry has nearly doubled in two decades.

The commercial value of coffee is so high due to its popularity, the global coffee culture, the production of coffee appliances, and the plethora of coffee products traded around the world.

Some of the products offered in the coffee industry are coffee beans, instant coffee, espresso coffee, coffee pods, etc.

If you consider that consumers around the world drink 2.6 billion cups of coffee every day, you can see the success of these products.

Many different markets and regions engage in the coffee trade. Latin America is responsible for 70% of world coffee production, followed by Asia with 20% and Africa with 10%.1.

So, now we know which countries export coffee. But which ones matter?

Top 10 coffee importing countries

We’ve put together a list of the top 10 coffee importing countries and paired it with the data we found on their coffee markets, according to Statista’s World Report on Top Coffee Importing Countries.4.

Let’s break down coffee imports by country.

1. The United States

First, we have the United States of America. The United States imported $5.67 million worth of coffee in 2020.

Due to weather and climate, the United States is limited in producing its own coffee. This explains a large number of imported goods!

And with 62% of Americans drinking coffee every day5, it has to come from somewhere. The high demand and the lack of local production make America the first importer of coffee in the world.

2. Germany

Germany ranks second among the top coffee importing countries in the world. In 2020, Germany imported $3.38 million worth of coffee, making it Europe’s top coffee importing country.

And more specifically, Germany is Europe’s largest importer of green coffee beans.6. Germany has a large coffee roasting industry, making it a leading coffee exporter.

The German coffee market often imports from Brazil, Vietnam and Hondurasseven.


In third place in the world and second in Europe, we have France. The value of coffee imports from France reached US$2.88 million in 2020.

France has a mature coffee market with a rich history of coffee consumption. Like Germany, they are known for their imports of green coffee beans and a productive coffee roasting industry.

And within the French coffee industry, certification and sustainability are important trends that consumers are looking for and highly appreciate.

4. Italy

Italy ranked fourth overall, bringing in US$1.5 million worth of coffee products in 2020. This fact is perhaps unsurprising, as coffee is such an integral part of Italian culture. .

Sipping hot espresso from a small cup may come to mind when you think of food and drink in Italy.

Italian espresso is a famous coffee product around the world, and due to its large exports, it is also a major importer of coffee.

5. Canada

The second North American country on our list is Canada. Canada imported US$1.2 million worth of coffee products in 2020.

Canada ranking fifth is no surprise once you learn that coffee and tap water were the most consumed beverages in Canada in 2020 and that 72% of Canadians drink coffee daily9.

Top 10 coffee importing countries

6. Netherlands

The Netherlands imported $1.18 million worth of coffee in 2020, making it the sixth largest country in the world for coffee imports.

Like the other European countries on this list, the Netherlands has a large coffee import and export market. With high consumption and production rates, the Dutch not only drink coffee, but also roast and export it!

7. Japan

The first Asian country on our list is Japan, which imported $1.17 million worth of coffee in 2020.

The increase in coffee consumption in Japan in recent years signals a shift in preference from tea to coffee. With few local producers, Japan relies heavily on importing coffee products from around the world. Japan imports coffee, especially from Vietnam, and has a great taste for instant coffee products.

8. Spain

Spain was the world’s 8th largest importer of coffee in 2020, with an import value of $1.01 million.

Spain is known for its good cup of coffee, and for good reason: 87% of the Spanish population drinks coffee and 70% consume it daily.ten.

Very different from Japan, instant coffee products do not dominate the market here. Interestingly, Spain is becoming the world’s largest market for decaffeinated coffee beans11.

9. The United Kingdom

Due to their well-known love of tea, you might not expect the UK to feature on our list of top 10 coffee importers.

But alas, in 9th place was the United Kingdom. The value of UK coffee imports reached US$1.00 million in 2020.

And curiously, the UK differs hugely from other European coffee markets we looked at, with higher consumption of instant coffee.

10. Switzerland

Last but not least for the value of coffee imports in 2020 is Switzerland. Switzerland brought in US$855,000, which puts it 10th in the world.

Like other European countries, the Swiss market values ​​certified, ethical and sustainable coffee products. It also promotes organic coffee.

Popular Types of Coffee Beans

The two main types of coffee beans traded around the world are Robusta and Arabica.

Arabica is the most popular bean in the world, accounting for 60% of global coffee12. Many of the top 10 importers just mentioned prefer Arabica bean.

Germany, the United States and Italy import more Arabica than any other bean. Arabica is also preferable for those with organic preferences, so France and Switzerland also favor Arabica.

Espresso drinkers prefer Robusta because of its flavor, quality and caffeine content. For this reason, countries that prefer espresso coffee import large quantities of Robusta beans, such as Italy.

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4 advantages of importing coffee from other countries

If you are considering starting a coffee business, you will need to determine your product supply. And depending on the country you are operating from, importing your coffee products may be in your best interest.

Once you’ve imported your amazing coffee products, you can sell them to eager customers with

Here are some key reasons why you might want to import coffee from other countries:

1. More variety

By importing coffee products, you will be able to access more variety than may be available in local markets.

And if you can offer more variety to your customers, you can also sell in more marketplaces globally.

2. Better quality

Maybe you live in a country that does not produce good coffee products. You will have access to the best coffee in the world by importing your stock.

You can decide if you want to sell organic, certified, sustainable or fair trade products.

3. Little hassle

You can source the best coffee in the world for your customers by importing quality products.

And by selling your products on, your entire process from buying to selling will be simple and hassle-free.

4. Advantageous prices

By buying your coffee products worldwide, you will be able to compare and find the best prices. You can scale your business to new heights by keeping your costs low.

Top 10 coffee importing countries

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