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Top 5 serves among active WTA players (2022)

Hitting a good serve in tennis takes more than power. You need accuracy, placement, and in some cases, spin to land a winning serve. Here are the Top 5 Best WTA Servers based on 2022 Season Stats.

Indeed, the best servers in the WTA are those that can serve with top speeds, pinpoint accuracy, heavy “kick” or a combination of these attributes. One of the things former World No. 1 Ashleigh Barty was known for was an incredibly high winning percentage on her serves despite somewhat average serve speed. With that in mind, the following list has been compiled based on information regarding each player’s first and second serve percentages and the number of games played this year.

Iga Swiatek serves

5. Iga Swiatek serves

Some might be surprised to see Iga Swiatek on this list despite being world number one with an incredible streak of hits this year. It’s because she doesn’t strike us as the type of player to dominate with big serves. The success of the double Roland-Garros champion has always been the result of her ability to organize exchanges and impose herself by transforming defense into attack.

However, to open up those opportunities, Iga Swiatek uses a heavy kick serve that bounces high and forces his opponents back. It may not be the biggest ace generator on the Hologic WTA Tour, but it opens the door to a clean winner on the next move more often than not. As such, Swiatek currently has one of the most successful service game percentages on the circuit, with 64.1% of his first serves and 66.7% of those serves resulting in a winning run.

Ons Jabeur serves

4. Ons Jabeur serves

The “second in command” of the Hologic WTA Tour, Ons Jabeur has played 46 matches so far and delivered 149 aces in the process. Unfortunately for the Tunisian, her first serve percentage is quite low, scoring at 56.7% this year with 88 double faults to go along with that. However, you can be sure that when that first serve comes in, you are in great danger!

The Arab number one has earned a convincing 68% first serve percentage, one of the highest percentages of any WTA player who has played a reasonable number of matches this year. Jabeur also had the fifth most aces served this year alongside Aryna Sabalenka. However, the difference in double faults between the two is huge, with Jabeur only having 88 double faults compared to Sabalenka’s 233 double faults this year alone.

Maria Sakkari serves

3. Maria Sakkari serves

She’ll be glad she made this list because world No. 3 Maria Sakkari’s favorite shot is her serve. By blasting them on the T, the Greek incorporates everything you could want into a serve; lightning-fast speed, extreme precision and lots of topspin. It’s no wonder the 27-year-old has the third most aces served in 2022, the perfect feat to go with her third-place finish on the WTA ladder.

Sakkari has had his fair share of double faults this year, bringing his overall first serve percentage down to 57.9%. However, she won 70.3% of her first serves. One of the highest winning percentages currently on the tour. , she matched Madison Keys in that regard, although Sakkari had played more than ten more matches than the American. Few can match the Greek powerhouse when it comes to service games, having won over 76% of their service games, second only to the next two players on this list.

Caroline Garcia serves

2. Caroline Garcia serves

World No. 45 Caroline Garcia takes a more direct approach to her serve, applying great racquet head speed and a very high ball throw. Her striking motion starts behind her shoulder as she whips the racket all the way to the ball and follows it to finish beside her left hip. That huge serve move and extra high ball toss gives the Frenchwoman time to take a more exaggerated swing on the ball, and her flat serve move provides extra speed that takes more time away from her opponents.
Garcia’s serve is undoubtedly one of the deadliest shots on the Hologic WTA Tour this year.

Despite the high-risk nature of hitting fast, flat serves, the 28-year-old managed to keep errors to a minimum, with just 108 double faults and a first-serve percentage of 60.8%. Of these, Garcia has won almost 70% of his first service points. It’s a clear indicator of the advantage it brings to his game and a testament to his ability to limit mistakes while seizing the opportunities his service game opens up.

Elena Rybakina serves

1. Elena Rybakina serves

Needing no introduction, 2022 Wimbledon champion Elena Rybakina is known for her high-powered game and most certainly the strong serve that comes with it. Standing 1.84m tall, the Russian-born Kazakh plays to her advantage from serve to groundstrokes and volleys, applying constant pressure on her opponents. Currently, Elena Rybakina has served 221 aces in her 38 matches this year, the most of any WTA player.

To back that up, the 23-year-old also has the highest percentage of service games won of any woman who has played more than 20 games this year. Often a strong first serve indicates a lackluster second serve, but Rybakina does well to keep his second-serve winning percentage above 50%, a stat that trumps most players on the Tour. Keeping her serve percentages high and her number of double faults below 100 have been key factors in the Wimbledon champion’s success this year, and we will definitely see more of Elena Rybakina before the season is over.