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Top Tips for Uploading Podcasts to YouTube

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An interview with Marques Brownlee on the WVFRM podcast, frequently asked questions and best practices for podcasting on YouTube.

Podcasts have evolved massively over the past decade from an audio-only format, listened to by a small dedicated group. Now that podcasts have seen such a surge over the past few years, with the expansion in part thanks to Spotify, many shows offer accompanying videos, allowing fans to connect with their favorite podcasters on a whole new level. . Podcast videos on YouTube also benefit from the same revenue opportunities already offered by the YouTube Partner Program. In May, a survey by Cumulus Media and Signal Hill Insights crowned YouTube as the most popular podcasting platform.

In a recent blog post, YouTube Chief Business Officer Robert Kyncl spoke to tech creator Marques Brownlee about launching the WVFRM podcast. Speaking about YouTube’s distinct advantages over other platforms, Brownlee said:

YouTube has a discoverability advantage. There are people independently looking for topics or guests who come across my podcast. This does not happen on other platforms. We absolutely loved it.

Marked Brownlee

Marques Brownlee continues by flipping the script to ask Kyncl about the future of podcasting on YouTube, specifically plans for an independent YouTube podcast platform:

Brands: “Does YouTube plan to evolve the podcast playback experience independently of any other normal YouTube video?”

Robert: “Users tell us that they expect podcasts to accompany them throughout their day, whether they are at home, at work or on the go. We’re not there yet, but we’re working hard to ensure we support key podcast journeys across multiple devices and experiences so we’re available wherever and whenever users need us.

Continuing on the topic of podcasts on the video platform, YouTube Creator Insider uploaded a video covering frequently asked questions in the video below, including the questions: “If my podcast is audio-only, how do I I post on YouTube? “Why should I upload my podcast to YouTube if it’s already available on other platforms?” “If I participate in the YouTube Partner Program, can I monetize my podcast content?” “Should I include video ads in my podcasts?” The video ends with some of the best practices for podcasting on YouTube.

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