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Twitter is testing a TikTok-style Explore page

Image Credit: Twitter

Following in the footsteps of Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat and Spotify, Twitter could be the next to copy TikTok’s feature set.

In a Tweet, Twitter announces that it has started testing an update To explore tab on the app. Some people who use Twitter in English on the latest version of Android or iOS will receive the update. Twitter To explore tab can be found by tapping on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the app. Here, users can find trending content tailored to their needs, a great source of news and feedback.

As noted above, the update changes the To explore the one-page list-based layout that is… strangely familiar. From full screen content, to vertical scrolling, to For you tab, the way the username and caption are displayed, Twitter appears to be the next social media platform to copy TikTok. The example below shows videos as the main focus of the For you page, while pressing Tendency takes you to a more traditional list view.

A Tweet from Twitter India suggests that much of the testing is taking place there, incidentally where TikTok was banned last year. Twitter is of course not the first platform to copy TikTok, after Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and Snapchat Spotlight launched over the past two years. Even Spotify recently dipped its toes into the format.

It’s no wonder that all of these companies are experimenting with the formula, as TikTok exceeds one billion active users and acts as the go-to platform for social media, especially for Gen Z. Although no one is cheating on anyone and that everyone considers the feature a TikTok scam, it doesn’t matter. If the update sees heavy usage, we’ll likely see a bigger rollout in the coming weeks. However, adoption will require more than copying TikTok’s design. The most addictive feature of TikTok is the hidden algorithm which understands what you like. Twitter has content based on both current algorithms For you as well as occasional suggestions in the main feed. Judging by my Twitter For you page, as well as the feed suggestions, Twitter has a ways to go before it matches TikTok’s level of understanding.

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