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September 24, 2022

More bags tomorrow?

How strong was the Bucs defense in the first two weeks of the season? Here’s a quick overview.

* First in points awarded one game (6.5).
* First in the bags (10).
* First in fewer touchdowns allowed (1).
* Tied for second in fewest first downs per game (15).
* Tied for second in third conversion rate (25%).
* Third in yards per game (4.25).
* Third in net yards per pass attempt (4.62).
* Third in pressure percentage (10.8).
* Tied for third in takeout (6).
* Tied for third in forced fumbles (3).
* Tied for third in fumble recoveries (2).
* Tied for fourth choice (4).
* Fifth in total defense (276 yards per game).

In other words, the defense of the Bucs imposes its will. This is where you know you have a good defense.

Tomorrow, well, a rush defense and pass rush are in order. Hey, a pass rush is always in order. But do you remember the last two times the Bucs played the Packers? The pass rush came after drama queen Aaron Rodgers. Early and often.

Two years ago at The Licht House, Ndamukong Suh beat Rodgers time and time again. During the NFC Championship Game in Green Bay, Shaq Barrett went wild on Rodgers (with a little help from Vita Vea to collapse the pocket).

Currently, Devin White is tied for third in the NFL with three sacks. Shaq is right behind him with two.

Something tells Joe that if White and Shaq each get sacks tomorrow, the Bucs will be in the ball game and might even win.

In the meantime, once again enjoy last week’s defensive highlights courtesy of the NFL.